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Supporting Business Critical Functions - HR

Human resources (HR) departments are among the busiest in any organization, with a steady flow of incoming and outgoing information. Maintaining accurate and secure records is a critical part of the function, as is the requirement for quick and efficient access to that information. With organizations moving toward digitalization, HR departments are facing pressure to make the transition while also drowning in a sea of paperwork.

The battle of the paperwork

The paperwork created in and for an HR department can be costly to store and is often managed manually, making it inefficient, unsecure and inconsistent. Particular documents are difficult to locate and other documents may be accessed by other staff inadvertently giving access to confidential data which they should not see.

Data held by HR is highly sensitive and may include current, potential and previous employee details such as bank details, healthcare, family members and contact details. Digital transformation has the potential to pose a number of difficulties for the HR department as this digital data must be accurately stored, secured and maintained, while adhering to various legal requirements.

Let’s get digital

The pressures facing HR teams have been added to by new technology, legislation changes, working habits, and employee engagement. The need to improve accuracy, consistency and efficiency is leading teams to look for suitable solutions. Digital transformation can lead to records which are secure, searchable, manageable and accessible if the right solutioins are in place. Paperless solutions can also help HR departments integrate their systems and applications to work together seamlessly, changing operational HR processes to become automated and data-driven.

Secure scan solutions

The solution to these pressures can be found in YSoft SAFEQ. By using the YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite, HR departments can keep an accurate repository of all digital documents, such as appraisals through automated workflows. Consistency, quality, formatting and naming conventions may be managed with ease, which results in digital documents that are accessible, readable, easy to locate and searchable. Documents that may be deemed as super sensitive can also be password protected automatically.
YSoft SAFEQ automated workflows can help your HR department convert, store, access and search documents, automating onerous tasks and improving productivity.
The benefits of using the YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite include:
  • Accurate and consistent scans – using pre-defined settings to ensure consistent quality
  • Increased efficiency – reducing a scan process to one-click
  • Improved ease to locate and search documents – using advanced processing features that include a text index enabling keyword search
  • Improved security – securely distributed to authorized, pre-defined destinations
  • Reduced risk of data loss through the loss or destruction of paper documents
Scanning can be carried out with user ease with automated scan workflows often through a one button click on the scan device. Pre-defined capture, process and delivery settings in the workflow speed up the process and assure accuracy quality, consistency, efficiency and security without the user having to make these decisions. Every document can be automatically and correctly named and saved in the appropriate place, while those who need to be aware of the new document are alerted to its presence, all predetermined by the workflow. With advanced processing features such as optical character recognition(OCR), documents are searchable and enhanced security options offer complete peace of mind.

HR of the future

The hub of any organization is HR and it needs to lead the way in digital transformation. As a centralized and business critical department, it is vital that HR revolutionize the employee experience by incorporating HR technologies and adapting processes and systems. The use of scan workflows can effectively help streamline HR information and processes through automating onerous tasks while ensuring security.
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To learn more about the YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite, read our eBook ‘The Power of Automated Workflows’.

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