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Central Repro Departments now supported

Vice President of Product Management
Many organizations have in-house reprographic print rooms to handle large volume printing. Known as Central Reproduction Departments (CRD), a lot of print activity goes through the large-volume printers in these CRDs. Now YSoft SAFEQ can account for and report on this CRD print activity through an integration with ATI’s job ticketing and print room management solution. 

ATI’s docQmanager and docQticket modules now integrate with YSoft SafeQ’s Rule-Based Engine to route large print jobs to the print room together with a job ticket while still tracking the print activity and including it in YSoft SafeQ’s reporting.  Relevant cost centers for the user are displayed as part of the job ticket so users can select them as appropriate. 

When submitting a print job to the print room, the user fills out a simple job ticket, which shows the options available in the print room, and submits the job from their desktop just as they would do when they want to print a single page. Instead of being available on any MFD, the print job is received by the print room together with the job ticket for action. Using the automation features of ATI job ticketing, print room operators can efficiently process the print job providing fast and responsive service to the user. 

If using the ATI OneQ solution option, the integration can also alert the user prior to printing if their print job is better suited for printing by the print room instead of the office MFD with rules to make this alert either advisory or mandatory.  

The bottom line for organizations is better accounting and cost controls.  

The integration is developed by and supported by ATI  – ask your local Y Soft representative about it. 

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