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Introducing YSoft be3D Academy

Using 3D printers in the classroom greatly increases student engagement and adds an exciting new element to your teaching toolkit. However, the reality of time constraints, hectic schedules, paperwork and parent meetings means finding the time to develop lessons that use 3D printing to convey a complex subject is challenging. You’ve told us this and we took it to heart. 

We’d like to introduce YSoft be3D Academy, an online library of 3D lessons. With be3D Academy, we’ve done the research and lesson planning for you. It’s easy to browse the library and choose from a growing selection of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) subjects to find a 3D lesson plan. 

Developed by educators for educators 

Working with teachers and education professionals, we created a free, online resource to  meet the specific 3D printing needs of teachers. We want to help you make the most of 3D printing by providing you with an expanded teaching toolkit with access to tried and tested resources and recommended instructional practices. Spend less time researching and planning, and more time carrying out the increasingly important role of educating your students. 

YSoft 3D Academy – a closer look 

Let’s take a closer look at YSoft be3D Academy which features three main sections: 3D lesson plans, a 3D model database and 3D print training videos.  (or watch the video)


  • 3D Lesson Plans: Each lesson contains an overview, learning objectives, guides and aids for teachers, including videos, 3D model files and instructions on how to give the lesson as well as worksheets for students. With clear guidance on curriculum support and which subjects it covers, the lesson detail also indicates how long it will take and any additional resources that are required. Some lessons involve challenging competitions and can be expanded as time allows. 

  • 3D Model Database: This section of YSoft be3D Academy includes the models used in the lessons as well as models that can be printed without a lesson, more than sixty in total. We curate each of the models for you to guarantee ease of use and accurate printing on the eDee 3D printer. Non-lesson models can be used as a starting point to create your own lesson plans as you gain experience.  

  • 3D Print Training: Containing comprehensive videos and guidance, this section walks you through a range of activities and guides on how to use the eDee 3D printer and how to use YSoft be3D Academy to get the most out of your 3D printing efforts. 

YSoft be3D Academy’s library of lessons and model database will continue to grow as new material is will be added frequently. While access to be3D Academy is available to any teacher, downloading 3D lessons requires registration which is free. 

Let’s get together at be3D Academy 

By using 3D printing and tried and tested 3D lesson plans, you can use inclusive teaching methods and get the best results from all your students. be3D Academy is part of YSoft be3D eDee.
(watch an overview video of eDee.) 

What does your school do to facilitate teacher collaboration? How are you sharing your 3D printing lesson plans? How can be3D Academy help you? Please let us know either in the comments. 

Elke Heiss
Elke Heiss used to be our CMO, a role currently held by Adam Bishop.
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