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Turn your multifunction device into a superhero

Organizations of every size and industry are evolving and adapting as the pace of  technological change increases. With a finite budget and an increasing number of new tools and technologies to consider, you need to make wise choices about how to best allocate your resources and effort towards Digital Transformation (DX).

Printing and Digital Transformation

We can easily take the multifunctional devices (MFDs) that share our office space for granted; they can feel like part of the furniture. If looking to DX to help reduce your costs, improve productivity and add functionality, then your print, scan and copy environment is not to be forgotten. Your MFD has a lot to contribute to your DX initiatives, including contributing to your organizations’ overall: 


  • Security
  • Customer experience
  • Digital workplace
  • Innovation
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Compliance
  • Cost savings

Join the DX party

How do you get your devices to join the Digital Transformation party? By gathering data on how they are used you will have insights that highlight cost saving opportunities, improved productivity and operate more sustainably. Reviewing your current print services environment will give you a starting point from which to plan and then look to implement cost-saving initiatives as well as making tasks quicker and easier for employees.
There are a number of ways your MFD can help to achieve the above benefits:


Digitizing paper-based processes with a user-friendly Automated Scan Workflow solution will transform your workflows, taking old paper-based processes into the digital world, automating them to drive productivity and efficiency. By capturing, processing and automatically storing documents electronically, quality and consistency can be improved, and documents can easily be retrieved, edited and audited. This also reduces paper waste as well as document storage space and costs.


According to a recent IDC survey, 65% of workers stated that adopting digital workflows saved them time, increased productivity and reduced errors.


With the correct insights from your print environment you can drive meaningful transformation. With clear and user-friendly customizable reports, you can identify under-utilized print devices, examine use of color printing and spot printing irregularities – all of which can save money. This ongoing insight into user print services activity across your organization can be used for continuous improvement. 

Authenticate to print eliminates forgotten or wasted print jobs (in addition to preventing sensitive documents left in the output tray) and enforces secure access to devices that are capable of integrating with other corporate systems. 

Print Roaming
Your MFD can enable secure, pull-printing from any printer in the print environment. By removing location-based restrictions on printing, an employee can send a print job and print it out anywhere in the world on your print network without burdening IT with help desk tickets related to print drivers and printer access. 

Mobile printing
Supporting flexibility and the rise of employees who use mobile devices, mobile printing can increase productivity and reduce lost time. Employees can quickly, seamlessly and securely print from any device to any networked printer easily. 

Rule-based printing
Not only can it reduce your costs, increase security and sustainability, your MFD can transform your print environment with rule-based printing. By applying and enforcing your organizational print governance you can have predefined rules such as limiting color prints, enforcing double-sided printing or routing a large print job to a more efficient printer.

Your MFD can drive digital transformation

Printing and scanning can be transformed, thanks to the power of your MFD, combined with the right software solution. Through the combination of cost savings, security, practical benefits and workflows, your MFD can be a powerful initiator for Digital Transformation. You need a solution that is flexible and adaptable to modern needs, YSoft SAFEQ is a quick and effective platform helping you on your DX journey.
To uncover the potential for Digital Transformation in your document workflows and print environment, take a look at how YSoft SAFEQ can help you.
Where are you on your digital transformation journey? We’d love to hear from you and your stories. Please share your experiences in the comments section below.


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