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Uncovering hidden skeletons

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When organizations analyze business performance, the print environment is frequently overlooked. This article looks at how print reporting can help you uncover hidden skeletons and opportunities to improve your business.
We are operating in an increasingly competitive landscape where incremental change can help organizations gain an advantage. Data and reporting are crucial in identifying areas of improvement. If you can’t see the problem, how can you fix it?


A print management solution is fantastic for minimizing waste. Reporting adds another dimension; you can find new areas where waste may be preventable and set appropriate rules. For example, does a print job need to be of the highest quality and could it be printed two-sided as opposed to one-sided, does it need to be full color? By using a built-in reporting module, you can pinpoint the biggest print offenders and either adjust print settings within the management portal or notify the user and give them the opportunity to make changes. You can also use simple, visual reporting to educate your employees and encourage them to think about what they print and the required settings.


eBuyer recently reported that over three-quarters (77%) of office workers regularly print personal documents while at work, with an average of thirteen pages being printed per person, per month. Your organization may want to discover the personal printing happening and determine if personal printing volume is at a reasonable level to be considered a company perk. Or if personal printing is out of hand, knowing how much money you could save to reinvest in your business if you could identify and prevent misuse would be useful in order to set policy. A print management solution that includes reporting functionality would enable you to analyze usage, identify potential areas of misuse and apply rules to prevent future misuse. This can all be managed within your print management portal.


According to The World Counts we use more than 2 pieces of paper for everyone on Earth every single hour. Demand for paper is expected to double between 2005 and 2030. Add the CO2 emissions that printing produces and it is clear that reducing print not only saves your company money but also helps the planet. Identifying areas of print waste and managing these is simple if you use a print management solution that has a reporting module. Look for a solution that includes green or environmental reporting and you can track, manage and promote the positive impact your organization is having on the world around us.

To find out more about how YSoft SAFEQ’s reporting module can help your organization read our blog article on maximizing efficiency & minimizing costs.

YSoft SAFEQ Reporting Module

With YSoft SAFEQ reporting, you can quickly access in-depth analysis of your print environment. YSoft SAFEQ automatically records all print environment operations and, with the Authentication module, provides the comprehensive information needed to audit the entire print environment and make decisions based on accurate, complete, up-to-date knowledge. Management also benefits from reports that provide information about the environmental impact of your company’s paper print system which can be used to support corporate social responsibility programs.

Have you implemented print reporting? We’d love to hear how it has helped your organization.

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