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20th Anniversary: Building Smart Business

Y Soft is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and I thought it is the proper time to reflect on how the Y Soft tag line, Build Smart Business, was born.  
When I started at Y Soft in 2014, I met with Václav and Martin to review their vision for Y Soft and themselves. They had already been working toward a shared vision, but it was never formalized, documented, and succinctly communicated. In essence, we wanted to set the stage for the market on what Y Soft did but in a way that would fit the company based on Václav and Martin’s vision.

We held a few positioning and messaging workshops with the executive leadership team, and all agreed that Y Soft’s intelligent office solutions enable businesses to run smarter. But what does that mean?

We looked at what our products mean for our customers – what did it enable them to do. Y Soft’s convenient and easy to use office solutions save time, reduce costs, improve document security, and enhance productivity to build a smart business. When companies leverage the right tools and don’t have to worry about technology, their productivity increases, and their employees can focus on their core business and be more productive and creative.

Our products help companies make printing and scanning easier to do, which allows those organizations to focus on their business while helping them make a successful digital transformation—making their business smarter.

Our products and services have all been developed under our customer-first mindset. We have always made every effort to meet customer-specific requirements and provide the best possible experience. Our innovation and problem solving originated from the desire to meet customer needs and help businesses run smarter.
If you distill that down, Y Soft enables businesses to run smarter with intelligent enterprise office solutions.

Y Soft Build Smart Business

A good tagline should convey the vison and has to last over many years. Our tagline was born in 2015 and is still relevant today. As Y Soft moved from a single product company to a multiple product company by adding scan workflows, 3D printing and now cloud-based printing and cloud-based print management, we are still helping businesses run smarter.

What will the next 20 years bring? Who knows? We are in a very dynamic industry, but our vision still holds true.

Check out our 20th anniversary website. If you are a customer, a partner or have worked with any of our employees, the website has a way for you to share your story. In return, we’ll send you a 20th anniversary commemorative eBook.
Elke Heiss
Elke Heiss used to be our CMO, a role currently held by Adam Bishop.
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