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3D Printing News: Premium 3D Lessons and EDU Bundle

We’re excited to introduce Premium Lessons in be3D Academy, and our first 3D printing bundle designed specifically for schools.
3D printing has certainly been in the news lately. 3D printer manufacturers, including Y Soft, and individuals with 3D printers at home, are helping during the COVID-19 pandemic to create parts for face shields and face masks. The power of quick manufacturing via 3D printing and an incentivized community is amazing.

It also underscores our belief that teaching using 3D printing in the classroom prepares the future generation to innovate, create and collaborate. It starts with engaging students with fun projects that they can do together while learning the concepts of science, technology, engineering, art and math. It starts with 3D curriculum.

Premium 3D Lessons

Today, we are announcing Premium 3D Lessons for be3D Academy which are also exclusively offered with our new EDU bundle below. While be3D Academy contains free ready-to-use 3D lessons, a model database, 3D printing resources and training that anyone can access, Premium 3D Lessons are a set of exclusive 3D lessons and models for YSoft be3D eDee customers.

Premium 3D Lessons in be3D Academy start with fifteen 3D lesson plans and more 3D lessons will be added every quarter. Each curated lesson contains rich resources such as videos, lesson plans, presentations, student worksheets and sample 3D models.

While other 3D curriculum providers may offer you just a 3D model file and a description, we provide walkthrough videos that show students, step-by-step, how to create 3D models using TinkerCAD® or the application of their choice. Each lesson also contains the subject areas and curriculum standards covered by the lesson and the lesson’s project. Even teachers experiencing 3D printing for the first time can easily get going using these projects. 

In the Flexi-Saur 3D lesson plan for example, articulated dinosaurs are used to explain the different types of hinges that exist and the best applications for each different type. Or, 3D Mapping explores geometry where students pick the country of their choice and display major cities and points of interest.

During this time of school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many teachers are searching for online curriculum when conducting classes remotely – teachers are able to use be3D Academy’s lessons and assign projects; students send their files to their teachers who can print them on the 3D printer.

Our new eBook, Teaching STEAM subjects with 3D Printing, is now available. It highlights some of the available 3D lesson plans in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics and how 3D printing engages students in these complex subjects with fun projects.

EDU Bundle

Many schools use grant money to fund the purchase of 3D printers. Getting the most out of your purchase is important. That’s why we’ve put together a EDU bundle designed for schools. Schools use both 2D and 3D printers and having one system that manages both saves money. In our EDU Bundle, when you purchase an eDee 3D printer, you can use the same print management software to manage access and use of 2D printers.

We include our layering software, lots of filament (9 kg), training, installation and ongoing support. Access to be3D Academy is included along with 3 years of usage to Premium 3D lesson plans. If your school uses student ID badges, the included card reader makes secure access to 3D printing a breeze. Our eDee 3D printer doesn’t require constant teacher supervision and can be left unattended in the classroom, in makerspaces, libraries or anywhere on the school grounds.

Schools get a cost-effective solution that is safe, supported and easy for students to use without requiring a lot of supervision. Teachers get an interactive, immersive teaching aid along with teacher-tested curriculum.
It’s a great deal. Check out all that our EDU Bundle includes here.

Elke Heiss
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