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6 ways Y Soft can help you go green

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Everyone must play their part to look after our environment, and organizations are no exception. In this article we look at six ways Y Soft can help transform your print environment to reduce your carbon footprint while also increasing your efficiency and saving you money.

Why go green?

With the focus of conversation on sustainability, organizations must address their impact on the world around them. There is a growing demand to do more to protect resources and the planet. Increasingly, investors and consumers are looking for environmentally responsible companies. It’s time stand out for the right reasons! In reviewing your carbon footprint, don’t forget to properly evaluate your print environment. Implementing sustainability initiatives helps the environment while also reducing your print and copy costs.

Six steps to sustainable printing

Y Soft is fully committed to the care and protection of the environment. While it makes good business sense to look after our planet for future generations, we want to help organizations reduce waste and minimize CO2 emissions.

Did you know that the Clean Air Council and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report that 27% of copy paper is wasted? Even though paper can be recycled, a high percentage still ends up in landfill.
Here are six of the many ways in which YSoft SAFEQ can help your print environment reduce your environmental impact.

  1. No more forgotten printing! From printing documents more than once to forgetting a document is sitting in the printer tray, this wasted paper quickly adds up. To address this, YSoft SAFEQ’s Print Roaming enforces authorization before a print job may be printed and collected. This authentication process eliminates printed documents printed unnecessarily or forgotten; print jobs are not processed unless the user has been authenticated at the printer and can pick up the documents immediately. The user can also remove incorrect or no longer needed jobs from their print queue instead of them automatically printing and then disposed. Less printing means not only less paper, but less energy consumption and less ink toner.
  2. Efficient printing Single side and color printing uses an inefficient amount of paper, toner and energy. To counter this environmental impact, introduce rule-based printing. Printing in grayscale, for example, uses less ink, creates less cartridge waste, and saves money. Duplex printing uses fewer sheets of paper and less energy.
  3. Reduce paper and go digital Many offices have paper everywhere, from files, reports, even emails are printed as back-ups so they can find documents. Not only this is an unnecessary waste of paper and storage space, it is also rather labor intensive. By using the YSoft SAFEQ workflows you can digitize your workspace, making documents more secure and  easier to find and manage, saving on paper, filing cabinets and floor space. By harnessing the power of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), documents become searchable and editable, removing the need for a physical hard copy of a document. Using digital workflows not only makes document access easier, but automated scan delivery sends links of the document to the correct people, reducing the number of copies being printed.
  4. Green reporting Not understanding how your organization uses your print environment means that key efficiencies are not realized. YSoft SAFEQ Reporting provides an organization with a complete audit of their entire print environment. By creating reports of your print, copy and scan usage you can view a detailed breakdown by groups, locations, printers or employee. Such data can then be used as a motivator for employees to print smarter and review their printing habits, encouraging more efficient and responsible printing. Green reports supply sustainability initiative data and highlight the usage of key resources, such as water, timber and CO2 emissions. These reports can be used to identify areas where waste and associated environmental costs can be minimized
  5. Use your power wisely In a data driven world, unwieldy IT infrastructure can consume significant quantities of power. Such excessive energy usage results in increased CO2 emissions and additional costs. YSoft SAFEQ uses Client Based Print Roaming (CBPR) which reduces the number of power-hungry servers used. Combined with this, the Rule-Based Engine provides the ability to redirect large, color or complex printing to more efficient multifunction print devices. YSoft SAFEQ reporting includes information about all of your devices across your organization. Such information enables your management team to fully audit your print environment and review utilization of printers. Replacing individual printers with more efficient shared multifunctional printers can contribute to power savings.
  6. Think before you print Informing users of the cost and impact of their print job raises awareness and encourages wiser printing. Our print cost estimation alert provides users with the information they need in order to make more sustainable and environmentally friendly printing decisions such as adjusting their print jobs to black and white, double sided, removing images or even stopping unnecessary printing. This pop-up box alert encourages users to think before they print and echoes organizational efforts of reducing environmental impact.

Don’t go red, go green

Reducing your environmental impact takes effort, and here at Y Soft, we wholly support green initiatives by creating easy to use functionality that contributes to those efforts. Just because you want to go green doesn’t mean you should end up losing out. Changes can be made without denting the bottom line. Our six ways to go green have the additional benefits of reducing your costs while helping your organization operate smarter. With over 20,000 customers all over the world, we are all working together to reduce our environmental impact.

Get in touch to find out about how Y Soft can help your print environment go green without going red.


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