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Our First 20 Years

It’s hard to believe that 20 years have gone by. But the calendar doesn’t lie and here we are in 2020.
When Martin de Martini and I set out, we knew just one thing. We wanted to be our own boss. Partly because we knew we were unemployable – we didn’t want to be told what to do – and partly because we didn’t exactly know what we wanted to do.

We did a few things, some successful, some not. Today it is trendy to say we ‘pivoted’. We found success in helping a company with their printing. They wanted their staff to be able to print on any printer. Of course, this was before multifunction printers had open APIs so our first product was an external terminal. And so, it all began.



Our marketing team has put together a website to help us share our early memories with you. And for you to share your early memories of Y Soft with us.

From those early days we have a lifetime of memories. We never envisioned that we would be where we are today. We don’t even know what the next twenty years will truly bring. We have some ideas though.

That is how it all started – with some ideas that turned into great innovations – and that is how we will continue.

We enjoy what we do and who we do it with: our families, partners, customers and the 400+ employees around the world.

Hey Martin, it turns out we do have a boss… a lot of them in fact.
Vaclav Muchna
Head YSofter and global traveler visiting customers, partners and employees around the world. When in Brno, he often oversees company BBQs in the summer and is known for destroying his skis during the winter.
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