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STEAM Expo – Kids love 3D Printing

I’m back from participating in the Moreno Valley Unified School District’s STEAM Expo! Nearly 2,000 teachers, principals, parents and kids attended to see all the immersive projects that are possible in today’s modern classroom for teaching STEAM subjects.
Our 3D printing solution, YSoft be3D eDee, was front and center to attendees who saw 3D printing in action. In addition to playing with all the 3D examples we brought that had been printed on our be3D eDee printers, they saw models created before their very own eyes.

3D printing in education is not new. In fact, many teachers told us that they had experimented with them. However, the printer ended up in the corner because they couldn’t get it to work and it didn’t produce good quality 3D models. Many teachers also tell us that exposed 3D printers are not safe, and they lock up the power cords so that kids don’t use it unsupervised. But all that has changed. Teachers and principals appreciate eDee’s secure access, ease of use and its safety design and features.

Anyone observing our table with the kids playing with 3D models can see how interested the kids are. 3D printing combines the sense of touch and curiosity that gets kids interested in what can be complex STEAM subjects. We showed be3D Academy and the teachers loved the available curriculum. They even had ideas for new subjects we could cover – we’re on it!

As promised, my daughter Ellie showed the kids how to 3D print and my colleague Niko helped me welcome visitors. Thank you to Konica Minolta for inviting us to share your space with us.

Heather Urbanik
Heather lives in the Orange County, CA area and enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as attending social events. When she finds some free time she enjoys cooking, hiking, and camping.
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