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Teachers, 3D printing and STEAM: Technology

Our teacher approved be3D Academy is developed to play an important role in teaching through 3D lesson plans. Looking at technology (the T in STEAM), this is the third in our series of be3D Academy resources to support teaching STEAM subjects.


Teaching technology with 3D technology

Technology is everywhere, and many students will already have great experience at using different tools available to them. Since the study of technology includes the manipulation of materials and tools using various techniques, the use of 3D printers to teach this subject is a natural fit.
From designing, modelling, prototyping, and adapting projects, the potential use of 3D printing in technology lessons is vast. Students can replicate industrial practices and understand new and emerging technology. 3D technology can help pupils realize the far-reaching potential of their imaginations, as well as providing a vehicle for covering many elements in the technology curriculum.

be3D Academy

The team at Y Soft have worked closely with educators to create a holistic solution, to provide teachers with the tools they need to encourage and support the full educational potential of 3D learning. Our be3D Academy has detailed projects and 3D lesson plans, with each project tried, tested and teacher approved.
be3D Academy lesson plans are fully aligned to core curriculums. Each lesson plan features a variety of tools, such as 3D model files, videos, student worksheets, and presentations to help introduce the 3D project to students. Allowing you to select lesson plans based on subject and age group, the teacher-friendly Academy can help introduce the 3D project to your students.

Technology lessons

Looking specifically at technology focused lesson plans, below is a selection of the resources in be3D Academy:
  • Cell phone stand: this lesson encourages students to experiment with demonstration models and make design decisions on how to improve their design and aesthetics.
  • Digital lathe printing: students explore the different types of lathes and their applications before designing and printing an ornate leg for a piece of furniture. By the end of this lesson, students should be able to evaluate 3D printing as a process compared to a digital lathe.
  • Pictures in plastic: this introduces students to lithophanes using 3D printing to bring a 2D photo to life.
  • Rocket nozzles:  Using TinkerCAD software, students design a model of a rocket nozzle optimized for 3D printing in this lesson.

3D Print models

Another option within the be3D Academy is to print and use 3D models to aid your own lessons. Using 3D models can help explain a principle or topic, and students become more engaged in the subject. Seeing how the technology works and handling final products enables students to problem solve.
Our 3D model database is free to use, and we have model files and guidance available for you to print and use the models as part of your technology lessons.

Teaching the future

Your technology classes are ready to be transformed with 3D printing. From training videos, lessons plans, models and curriculum guidance, YSoft be3D Academy provides you with everything you need to use 3D printing to teach technology. Here at Y Soft we know how important teaching is. That’s why we’ve developed our teacher-approved projects, to give you more time to do what’s really important: teaching.
Register now for access to the materials to inspire and prepare your students for the challenges of tomorrow.
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