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Your print environment can help through business change

Former Product Marketing Director
Successfully adapting is an objective for almost all organizations. From wrestling the basics of funding, strategy and recruitment, there is a need for agility and adaptability. Balancing these elements is not easy, and in this article, we look at how your print environment can help your business adapt smartly.

Keep it simple

When you think of change in an organization, you may think about the capacity and capability of your staff, budgets and strategy. However, adapting to change can also come from technology and investing in the right infrastructure and software as well as standardized processes. Working smarter by using available technologies can create a more cost effective and efficient workplace, enabling you to focus on increasing revenue. While all companies have the potential to grow, some miss the opportunities to adapt for growth or to adapt to unforeseen changes.
From making life easier for your employees, increasing efficiency and keeping things simple, your print management and document capture solution has the power to help or hinder your efforts to adapt.

Planning for change

Organizations can change quickly whether through organic growth or acquisition, or as in the current environment, adapting to a new way of working which may mean less printing. As you plan for your organization’s changes, consideration must be made for print and document capture needs. You need a print management and document capture solution to support both vertical (more people at headquarters) and horizontal growth or a reduction (new/fewer offices in other cities, countries or through acquisitions) or work from home. These changes present many challenges in for an organization’s print and scan infrastructure: inability to quickly meet demand or change, complexity of the infrastructure and out of control costs.

Technology to the rescue

The YSoft SAFEQ architecture has been designed to seamlessly scale upward or downward within a location as well as across multiple locations. We call it our Building Block Architecture because it gives you the flexibility to have the services (including redundancy, fail over and high availability too) you need at all locations or just the ones that need it. All without increasing the workload on your IT team; in fact, customers report that their staff can work on other projects as a result.
On top of this, YSoft SAFEQ can decrease the number of servers required. Fewer servers mean an increase in system reliability, less IT burden and reduced costs. A per-device subscription model can also help businesses manage costs more efficiently and predictably.

Future proof

While it is difficult to predict the future, organizations will always change. The path to success is being able to do so easily and efficiently with little impact on the users. Plan now and ensure that your print environment can help, not hinder, your organization’s plans.
To find out more about how Y Soft can help meet your business print infrastructure changes, contact our team.
Matthew Wrighton
Matt is a former product director of Y Soft. In that role, he led the product strategy and execution for YSoft SAFEQ, ensuring customer insights and our company’s strategy and goals are supported by those in product development. He's a family man with 3 children. He loves sports, both watching and participating, especially football. Outside of sports, he loves socializing and enjoying a nice glass of wine and good food.
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