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Supporting Business Critical Functions - HR
YSoft SafeQ
Human resources (HR) departments are among the busiest in any organization, with a steady flow of incoming and outgoing information. Maintaining accurate and secure records is a critical part of the function, as is the requirement for quick and efficient access to that information. With organizations moving toward digitalization, HR departments are facing pressure to make the transition while also drowning in a sea of paperwork.  
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YSoft SafeQ 6 and the Cloud
YSoft SafeQ
Product Owner
Public cloud services are increasingly used by organizations seeking the cost reductions, scalability and reliability cloud computing offers. For many, cloud services provide the additional advantage of relieving IT infrastructure overhead to work on other high-value projects.
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YSoft SafeQ’s Building Block Architecture
YSoft SafeQ
Chief Technology Strategist (AIVA)
In 2017, MIT Sloan Management Review noted how “many of today’s most successful companies are able to leverage business model scalability [emphasis added] to achieve profitable growth.” There are common characteristics that all successful business share, including overcoming traditional capacity constraints. Being able to scale, quickly and cost effectively is essential, and your print infrastructure software and hardware architecture plays a role in achieving this.  
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Updates to security processes and product security
Y Soft Corporation
In our next YSoft SAFEQ 6 Maintenance Update scheduled for September, two security vulnerabilities will be fixed for Terminal Server related to Terminal Professional 3 / Terminal Ultralight when used with YSoft SAFEQ 6.
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Teaching the Future: Why 3D learning needs to begin in Education
YSoft be3D
The use of 3D printing to support teaching in education is already well recognized, but it is easy to overlook the necessity of teaching the next generation how to use this key technology now.  
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Embracing digital transformation – Real-life examples
Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Digital transformation is a hot topic and in recent months we have discussed the opportunities it offers organizations. In this article, we look at four of our customers from different industries and how they have successfully embraced digital transformation across their print, copy  and scan environments, improving efficiency, security and productivity as well as reducing costs.      
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Prepending documents with automated scan workflows
YSoft SafeQ
Chief Product Officer (CPO)
In this two part series, we look at how automated scan workflows enable users to prepend and append pages to an existing document, enabling an organization to have one, complete digital master document instead of multiple individual documents. This makes searching and finding information faster and makes for a much more efficient file management system.  
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