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Better together. A look at companion solutions.

Technology can be complex, and it is rare now to have a stand-alone solution. Companies require software to be integrated with hardware seamlessly and that harmony is best achieved when provided by one supplier.

It’s easier with the right hardware

Building on the functionality and benefits of our award-winning software, YSoft SAFEQ, we have developed an exclusive range of companion solutions. We have intentionally designed, manufactured and quality tested each solution so that organizations can be assured both hardware and YSoft SAFEQ software achieve optimum efficiency and productivity as well as cost savings and functionality.
One of the benefits of having both the software and hardware created and available from the same company is that any technical support issue is covered by one service level agreement, removing delays, complications and frustrating communication between manufacturers, each pointing the finger at the other when an issue arises.

The YSoft SAFEQ Companion Solutions

Y Soft has a long history of designing and manufacturing companion hardware devices for printers. Manufactured in the Czech Republic, our hardware solutions are warehoused in 4 global locations, USA, China, Australia, Singapore, and the Czech Republic for fast delivery.

YSOFT SAFEQ TERMINALSSAFEQ Terminal Pro 4, External Terminal

When SAFEQ cannot be embedded in a multifunction device, an External Terminal is a great alternative. Or a business may want a common user experience across a print fleet consisting of multiple printer brands. Our External Terminals provide the interface for Authentication, Print Roaming, copy, print and scan workflows and are available in a number of options: YSoft SAFEQ Terminal Pro 4, YSoft SAFEQ Terminal Professional and YSoft SAFEQ Ultralight.


The YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Terminal App is a mobile app ideal for a mobile workforce and for printers that do not support Embedded Terminals. Facilitating a truly contactless printing experience the app supports Print Roaming, YSoft SAFEQ’s module for pull-printing. This cost-effectiYSoft SAFEQ Mobile Appve solution enables YSoft SAFEQ features on smaller printers or MFDs as well as supports secure printing from iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets.
The SAFEQ Mobile App also supports NFC tags. By using QR codes, printers are identified allowing users to print and choose additional finishing options. Authentication is secure and user identity is confirmed through email verification. With the mobile app, users can view job details, mark jobs as favorite and delete jobs.

YSoft SAFEQube


This lightweight cost-effective server alternative is ideal for organizations looking to reduce their print services infrastructure. YSoft SAFEQube provides quicker user interface interactions and has less risk of being affected by network outages. Replacing the traditional print server, YSoft SAFEQube serves as a local connection point for the printer’s user interface to perform authentication tasks and data collection for reporting, supporting print roaming. Overall hardware costs are reduced as it removes or reduces the need for expensive servers.


Providing an easy way to securely authenticate at a multifunction device, a networked printer or a Y Soft 3D printer, YSoft USB Card Readers are accessed using a simple swipe motion. Many organizations already use identity cards to provide building access or other services. The functionality of these cards can be extended and used to enable access to any printer in the 2D or 3D print environment. Our card readers can either be embedded or used externally, and they are already embedded in the Y Soft 3D printer, eDee. YSoft Card Readers support multiple card technologies as well as having customizable options. The accompanying custom configuration tool and card auto detection make out-of-the-box set up fast and easy.
With our newest Reader, the MFX Mobile Reader, smartphones can be used instead of ID badges to authenticate and release print jobs. It is truly contactless printing reducing the need to touch the printer.

It’s better together

Better together is the perfect way to describe how our companion solutions make the most of your print environment system. With software, hardware and service/support from one provider, your solution is optimized and support headaches are mitigated.
Contact us today to find out how we can help your print environments, after all, it’s better together.
Štěpán Nováček
When Štěpán isn’t gazing into the future of hardware, he looks after Y Soft’s hardware solutions ensuring their seamless operation with Y Soft software. Working in Y Soft’s Prague office, he enjoys swimming once or twice a week and freeride skiing in snow powder.
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