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Fax is Dead; Long Live Fax

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The humble fax continues to play a role in many industries, and for good reason. However, with digital transformation gaining pace, what happens to fax? We’ve taken it digital. Here we look at the role of fax and the benefits of Digital Fax for SAFEQ.

Fax is here to stay

Fax is a well trusted and relied upon method of communication. Usage ranges from the occasional faxing to heavy faxing (large healthcare facilities) but most are somewhere in between. Whether it is a doctor’s office faxing a lab order or a title company faxing real estate documents, it’s no surprise that faxing is not dead, long live fax.
Still, there are many problems and difficulties with traditional fax. Paper-based fax solutions are poor quality. They are also inefficient, environmentally unfriendly, and costly. In order to use fax, analog or VoIP lines must be installed into an MFD. All these difficulties create business pain points not to mention the potential for faxes to end up in the wrong hands which poses a data and compliance risk.

Goodbye analog: Hello digital

Digital transformation continues to dominate CIO conversations in the journey toward efficiency, productivity, and cost-effective solutions. Fax is far from forgotten. As part of digitization, communications methods must become more secure, reliable, and efficient. Saying goodbye to outdated fax machines or analog kits in the multifunction printer brings a wealth of benefits.
Using a digital fax service not only removes the need for cumbersome and expensive devices, analog/VoIP line management and complicated unsecure systems, but it combines powerful features with security, availability, and reliability. Taking fax digital meets the needs of the future. This is where YSoft SAFEQ Digital Fax comes in.

YSoft SAFEQ Digital Fax - Free Faxing (practically)

We’ve taken fax digital and made it an extension to our world-leading software, YSoft SAFEQ. Building on our industry-leading, enterprise workflow solutions platform, YSoft SAFEQ Digital Fax is available in our Print Management Suite and Enterprise Suite.
With no restrictions on how many printers are used, how many users are faxing, and no usage charges – it's like free faxing, at least that is what customers are telling us. The provided page limit is ideal for most companies and the ROI of both SAFEQ and Digital Fax is realized within a year. Costs reduced, IT hassle gone, and a digital, more secure experience all point to a win-win for business.

Download our YSoft SAFEQ Digital Fax info sheet for more details.

We understand that fax still has an important role to play; let's work together to make fax better.
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