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Good news for DocuWare Platform users

Former Product Marketing Director
Newest extension adds the DocuWare on-premise and cloud platform as a repository for scans created using YSoft SAFEQ’s automated scan workflows.
For customers using the DocuWare platform (cloud or on-premise) for document management and content services, we have some good news. Now when you need to scan a document, the scanned output can flow directly into DocuWare file cabinets. And, that includes any meta data entry a user entered at the multifunction device.

DocuWare connector for YSoft SAFEQ
Through the extension, scan workflows are automatically created in SAFEQ that adhere to DocuWare’s cabinet and store dialogs for a seamless flow of scanned documents into predefined locations in the DocuWare system.
As with any SAFEQ scan workflow, users can initiate the workflow from any multifunction device in the YSoft SAFEQ system.

SAFEQ scan workflows help organizations accurately, consistently, and seamlessly flow information from paper to digital. The workflows automatically route the digital output into 3rd party applications, such as DocuWare, or cloud repositories. Notifications can be set up so that staff are notified of document’s existence and can take the next processing step.

Compared to traditional methods of scan to email, SAFEQ’s automated scan workflows capability is more secure, eliminates human error and is faster. Employees benefit from less tedious actions at the printer and their inbox and have a more modern, productive experience.

Offered as an extension, customers interested in learning more about the DocuWare workflow extension can contact us here.

Learn more about all the SAFEQ extensions and integrations available here. Our Automated Scan Workflows library of connectors to other third party repositories can be found here.
Matthew Wrighton
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