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The challenge of the hybrid workforce: Cloud-based solutions that work

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Cloud-based technology shot to fame as the world grappled with working from home and the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it’s time to look longer-term. Continuing our series on the challenges of supporting the hybrid or blended workforce, we take a look at ensuring access to reliable cloud-based printing. 

Cloud-based solutions respond to a need

Having spent over a year working from home, many employees do not want to return to the office full-time. Up to 82% of companies are encouraging a flexible, blended model, showing the hybrid workforce is set to stay. Businesses searching for ways to support an efficient and productive hybrid workforce have recognized the benefits of cloud-based solutions. 
Data from Synergy Research Group shows that enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services reached $65 billion at the end of 2020. The cloud plays a central role with collaboration tools, applications, and security. 
Almost half of the data in the world will be cloud-based in 2025. Forbes
After a year of cloud adoption, the dust is starting to settle, and companies are now taking stock. The technology that companies scrambled to use is now ripe for optimization and proper assessment. With a dispersed workforce, it becomes even more important to ensure a smooth-running infrastructure. It’s time to overcome the challenges which were mildly acceptable before, such as connectivity problems, data risks, and more. 

Connecting to the cloud

Whether at the office or home, processing data relies on a good internet connection and having sufficient bandwidth to operate in the cloud. All of this data going from the Cloud and back to the device has an impact. Congested networks, slow-moving traffic, costs, and efficiency concerns. 
A recent study found that around 89% of homeworkers waste approximately 30 minutes a day as a result of poor connectivity, with some losing an hour or more. Unreliable and slow internet access can have a hugely negative impact with productivity dropping, staff frustration, and lost work when documents do not save correctly.

Moving to the edge

From Wi-Fi “not-spots” or dead spots to thick walls and increased demand for bandwidth in households and neighborhoods, there are many challenges in accessing and operating in the cloud. With the cloud now a critical part of business operations, access needs to be ensured.
Edge computing provides a solution to connectivity and latency problems as it takes crucial data processing to the network edge, even where the internet is poor and unreliable. In doing this, processing and storage capabilities are closer to where it is needed. Edge computing can ensure reliable access. Traditional cloud computing is centralized and is vulnerable to attacks and power outages, unlike the Edge. The market for Edge computing is rapidly growing, one reason for this is a growing load on cloud infrastructure. This is no surprise given that it helps businesses be faster, more secure, more effective, and less expensive.

Printing in the cloud

The ability to print, so central to both performance and productivity, slows down when the network does. With this in mind, moving data processing for printing to an Edge device means that printing can continue regardless of connectivity or bandwidth. Access to cloud and Edge computing can reduce infrastructure costs and support printing for the hybrid workforce.

Providing Edge technology since 2008, our serverless Edge device, YSoft OMNI Series provides a cost-effective solution that works with your existing printers. Working with  Universal Print, a Microsoft 365 feature, OMNI Series eliminates the need for on-premise print servers and printer driver management. Ensuring zero-trust network security, it is easy to set up and use. Printing is available to users in seconds. This Edge appliance can support multiple printers with minimal input from your IT teams. This device ensures the blended workforce can continue to print unencumbered. The best part about it is there is virtually zero maintenance, users can set it and forget it, making life easy for everyone, even your IT teams. Embracing the changes that the pandemic forced upon us, we have simplified cloud printing and created robust cloud-based print infrastructure.

Ensure access to secure, reliable cloud-based solutions

For every cloud strategy to be successful, organizations must take a comprehensive approach to adoption, and this includes ensuring access. Blended working must be secure, and accessible to be successful. Optimizing how you use technology with an Edge device can enable a seamless blend between remote and office work. This will be important to hybrid working success. Y Soft can help you support your hybrid workforce with an affordable and practical solution to enable staff to work from anywhere. No matter where you are or the bandwidth or availability of your internet connection, OMNI Series can keep your business on track.
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