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Can your print environment help you retain talent?

Workers around the world are continuing to quit their jobs in record numbers. ‘The Great Resignation’ is challenging employers to look at how they can retain talent. Technology has much to offer to help with this, but what about the humble print environment? Let’s look at how Cloud printing and print management can help.

The Great Resignation

Coined by Organizational Psychologist Anthony Klotz, ‘The Great Resignation’ is shifting power from employer to employee. According to the US Labor Department, 4.2 million Americans left their jobs in August 2022, that’s almost 3% of the workforce. Further, a recent study by Microsoft reveals that 41% of the global workforce plan to leave their jobs this year, amongst Gen Z (aged 18-25) that number rises to 54%.

The question on everyone’s lips is: why? Well, there are many trains of thought here and many complex factors. These include the impact of Covid
, burnout, stress, evaluating life and the relationship we have with our jobs and employers. From poor working conditions, feeling overworked and underappreciated, balancing caring for others, technology stress, changing expectations and so much more, there is no one-size-fits-all explanation.
Whatever the reasons may be, the important thing is to recognize, listen and respond to this shift. Businesses need to find a competitive differentiator to hold onto and grow talent.  

Retention not resignation

Increasing pay and benefits are among some of the usual ways businesses have traditionally used to keep employees, however, this is no longer a one-option-fits-all solution. There are many ways to help stop ‘The Great Resignation’, and below are five ways in which we can assist you, leveraging our Cloud printing and print management solutions:

1. Stay flexible 

Working remotely was one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Before this, many companies had resisted flexible working, but the global pandemic showed that it could be done while still supporting productivity. A Microsoft report found that 73% of those surveyed want flexible work options to continue. The hybrid workplace provides a balance of flexible and seamless collaboration from anywhere.

Staying flexible on location, hours, devices used and more will help to retain workers. It is no wonder that 83% of workers prefer a hybrid work model. Offering flexibility and autonomy to the employees gives them ownership and control within reason.
Y Soft supports the hybrid workforce by enabling flexible printing and workflows from where it is needed using the cloud. We help organizations run smarter and safer, wherever they are based. Companies need to foster a hybrid work culture that supports both onsite and remote teams, keeping employees fully engaged while maintaining seamless flexibility. Instantly connecting to cloud printing with our EveryonePrint Cloud software enables you to truly work and print from anywhere and gain a healthy work-life balance.

2. Make life easier

Outdated and laborious printing and tasks take up time and management, potentially leading to bored and unappreciated employees. Not having the right tools and solutions can be frustrating and demoralizing as well as impacting productivity. A recent study found that around 89% of homeworkers loose approximately 30 minutes a day because of poor connectivity, some lose an hour or more. Unreliable or slow internet access is unhelpful and can be a barrier to a successful and happy workforce, wherever they are.
With YSoft SAFEQ print management, Advanced Workflows, Authentication, Print Roaming, Reporting, Mobile Print, and Rule-Based Engine can remove stress for both users and IT teams. This makes everything safer, more manageable, and generally easier. Giving employees a good and secure user experience.
Simple plug-and-play solutions, such as our Cloud options (SAFEQ Managed or EveryonePrint Cloud), keep it simple for everyone. Installation is easy and quick, there is practically zero maintenance and no need to manage print drivers.
Addressing issues around connectivity and downtime, Y Soft’s Cloud products have various options to ensure high availability, with load balancing and failover, wherever you need it.
With YSoft OMNI Bridge, print job delays and outages are eliminated, facilitating business-critical printing. YSoft SAFEQ and EveryonePrint Cloud support high availability and failover. Increasing your printer availability and uptime at your organization means fewer calls to the service desk.

3. Support a productive and efficient workforce

With fewer people typically carrying out more tasks in the wake of team members leaving or workloads increasing, their burden goes up, as do their stress levels. Using unfamiliar tools and applications may lead to frustration, boredom and feelings of not being understood.
Help your teams do more in less time with our print management solution with Advanced Workflows. Removing dull repetitive tasks gives time back. Use a solution that seamlessly works with the software and apps that your employees like, are familiar with and want to use.

4. Be sustainable 

It is not a secret that employees, investors, and consumers are increasingly considering a business’s green credentials and ethos. The focus is on being an environmentally responsible company. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, pushed environmental concerns up the agenda. Employees want an employer who is aligned with their values and is doing something about it. They want to work for an organization they can be proud of. Being sustainable is a key element in keeping and gaining great employees.
Our world-class print management solution, YSoft SAFEQ, provides Authentication and Print Roaming features that eliminate unnecessary and forgotten printing. Using Rule-Based Printing creates efficiencies in paper, energy and toner usage with double-sided and grayscale rules. Understanding how your organization uses your print environment helps realize key efficiencies. Green Reporting can highlight the usage of resources such as water, timber and CO2 emissions.
Outdated and cumbersome IT infrastructure can consume significant quantities of power. Client Based Print Roaming (CBPR) can reduce the number of power-hungry servers used and the associated CO2 impact. Digitization makes big strides towards overall paper reduction and improving sustainability efforts.
Using workflows, you can digitize your workspace, making documents more secure and easier to find and manage, while saving paper and the planet. We help organizations print smarter by providing ways to reduce costs, increase document security, and improve productivity. This means printing less. Implementing sustainability initiatives helps the environment while also reducing your print and copy costs.

5. Mental health

The impact of increased screen time, workloads, stress and the reality of Zoom doom is taking its toll on employee mental health. Long periods spent staring at screens can lead to both mental and physical issues, such as eye problems and headaches, sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety and so on. Screen fatigue has hit an all-time high.
Taking an active stance in your employees’ mental health is another important element. Support morale with a digital detox or having an offline afternoon by using the printed page. Causing less eye strain, paper is easy to annotate, absorb and retain information. Y Soft provides the hybrid workforce with a perfect Cloud-based print solution to help. Embracing print can help you reduce screen time and improve your well-being.

Start building your future

There are many additional ways to support your staff, such as communication, training and development to build a future with the company. Take time to find out what else will work for your teams. Your team has helped you pull through the worst of the past few years, it’s now up to you to keep them engaged, supported and happy for the future. 
Employees no longer want to settle, it’s time to look at how your print management and Cloud print solution can help you retain and gain staff.  
Let us help you swim against the tide of resignations and support growth and agility.

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Bruce Leistikow is a previous senior member of Y Soft's product marketing team.
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