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How to choose your print management solution provider

You’re ready to take the plunge and jump into finding a print management solution. Whether you want to save money, boost efficiency, or support your digital transformation goals, finding a trusted expert partner to help with your print environment is crucial. But how do you find the right solution and provider for you? Read on for our top five questions to ask to help you find the perfect partner for your printing needs.

Managing your printing

It almost goes without saying, but not all print management solutions are created equal. We are talking about the software that helps businesses around the world like yours easily manage all aspects of their print environment. There are many reasons why a business would benefit from such a central solution with features such as cost savings, tracking, efficiency, mobility, productivity, security, sustainability, and so much more. However, finding the right print management service for you and your organization's needs can be a minefield. Every business is different with different needs, and every print management solution is different, too. So, before you sign on the dotted line, do your research and consider these five important questions.

1)      Will they meet my needs?

The very first place to start is to identify a set of needs and what your priorities are for your print environment. Then, look at how the print management solution can help you address those needs. Your supplier needs to understand your business and advise on a unique solution to help you now and in the future as well as identifying some other aspects you should take into consideration.
  • Cost savings – Look for a provider offering a centralized overview of your print environment. The facility to implement rules around printing can save money, such as duplex or greyscale. Also, consider using a Cloud-based print service for further possible savings. Third-party endorsements are critical to get a users’ view of the each provider’s solution, so look at available references and case studies to hear from clients about their cost savings and the difference the solution has made to their business. The key here is that you want to save money but without sacrificing functionality or quality. Having control and visibility of your print environment will help with this.
  • Efficiency and productivity – Save time and reduce helpdesk calls with easy-to-use and easy-to-manage print management systems. Integrated print management and advanced document capture can significantly speed up workflows, improving productivity and enabling greater efficiency. If you are looking to use 3D printing, then find a solution where you can manage both 2D and 3D together and can properly support you with resources and guidance.
  • Sustainability – Print management software can contribute to your organization's sustainability initiatives. Look for a supplier that takes the impact of your print environment seriously and can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Equipped with green reports that show your water, timber, and CO2 emissions stats, you can easily see where you can make changes. Using rules, authentication, reports, digital workflows, and more, means you can actively support your green initiatives.
  • High Availability – If printing is a core business process for you, then high availability (HA) is a must. Avoiding downtime gives you peace of mind and keeps your business running smoothly. You need load balancing and failover to ensure maximum printing uptime.
  • SecurityExpertise in security is vital. Threats and risks are everywhere, and you need your print and scan environment protected and locked down. Whether at home, the office or on any device, you need to know you are secure and compliant. Functionality such as pull-printing, reporting, secure communication, rules, training, and more, can achieve this.
  • Digital Transformation – You are on a digital transformation journey, so you need a solution that can help with this, not hold you back. Look for a supplier that is recognized as a leader and understands what you are trying to achieve and how your print environment can play an important role in this. Whether you are looking to use Cloud-based printing, support digital workflows, use mobile devices, or extend your functionality, there is a lot on offer.
  • Flexibility, mobility and devices – Nothing stands still, and the way we do business is constantly changing. The boom of the hybrid workforce has seen demand for a flexible print solution rocket. With the mixture of locations and personal and office-owned devices being used, you need to find a solution that is as adaptable as you are.
  • Industry-specific requirements – Print management looks different for each industry and the needs vary hugely. There is no one size fits all. Whether you are in education, logistics, legal services, healthcare, manufacturing, government, utilities, construction, travel, or any other industry, find a solution tailored to your specific needs and regulations.

2)      Is it value for money?

Never buy an off-the-shelf package, select only the modules you actually need and just pay for what you use. You need options to make a solution that is best for you and will give you added value. Use an ROI calculator to check whether your solution is giving you value for money and generating real-life savings.

3)      How does the supplier look after its customers? 

Be sure not to overlook this element, as cheaper is not always better. The customer needs to come first. A provider that will not run off once the solution is installed is worth its weight in gold. Find someone with long-term clients that have built up great relationships. Look at the after-care support. Ideally, you want to speak to a person, not a bot, have 24/7 support across the globe and for it to be available in multiple languages. Around-the-clock care is vital to keep your printing going. Whether indirect or direct support, you need to have an expert team on hand that is quick, responsive, and helpful. Training your IT teams is also a must so that the solution can be used properly.

4)      Is it scalable and adaptable?

You need a print solution that can adapt quickly and effectively to meet your changing needs. Whether that change is in location or the number of employees, your print infrastructure needs to easily keep up. We have seen how quickly the COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted businesses, and flexibility and adaptability are vital to ensure business continuity. Your print infrastructure software and hardware architecture play a pivotal role in cost-effective scalability, both horizontal and vertical. The best print solution for your business will meet your current needs while allowing for growth at any level. You need a platform for growth where you can adapt and change as required.
You also need to look at innovation. A leading provider does not stand still either. They are looking for innovative ways to develop and support your business. Select a company with a track record of constant innovation.

5)      What is the company ethos?

Understanding what makes a company tick is important. Looking for values that match your own is a crucial element to meeting your goals. Look for a company that is also growing and adapting, see how they care for their employees and community, discover their stance on environmental issues, charitable activities, and other actions they take. Read up on their mission statements and CSER policies. Follow their social media channels to get a real feel for the company.

Helping you print smarter.

Intelligent print management solutions help businesses of all sizes streamline their print environment and cut unnecessary costs and environmental impact. Understanding the benefits of a print management solution is the easy part. The difficulty lies in choosing the right one for your business, both now and for the future. To maximize your print environment, you need to make well-informed choices.
Our goal is to help customers build smart businesses. Y Soft solutions reduce your overall print services infrastructure and operating costs, increasing document security, and improving workflow productivity.
Get in touch today and find out how the team at Y Soft can help you stay ahead of the curve and make a difference to your team.
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