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True Print Management Scary Stories for Halloween

Do you believe in true scary stories in the realm of print management? Leaves are falling and the pumpkins are carved–it’s Halloween again. Everyone loves a good scary story, and in the spirit of this spooky holiday, here are three. Ghosts, witches, data breaches, and inefficient workflows are enough to give us all the shivers. But no need to panic, there are a few bright-orange antidotes for you to pick between.

Send an Exorcist to the Haunted IT Departments

We are about to share with you three print management horror stories. Oh yes, there will be printing, and it is not all that it seems. Welcome to the IT nightmares.

1. Monstrous costs and a possessed printer

Once upon a time, there was a large oil and gas producer who was spending a fortune on their printing. Was their printer controlled by a mischievous ghost who liked to print everything in color?
Caltex would dream of becoming more efficient and saving money so they could stop having sleepless nights worrying about gruesome costs and vast paper usage. Which counteracting agent did they get from our experts at Y Soft?
They implemented our rule-based printing module, allowing them to control their costs (no magic wands required) and reduce the amount of color printing as well as the amount of paper being used. They made a miraculous saving of over 20% on their total print-related costs almost overnight. In fact, Caltex estimates that more than 200 reams of paper were saved within the first three months of implementation by not printing documents unnecessarily.

2. Print management working against you

Dealing with an unwieldy, disjointed, and disparate print solution that causes disturbances with your internal systems can give you more than a migraine. Just ask the team at Czech Post.
As one of the largest national employers, they were struggling with a print infrastructure that was decentralized and lacked the uniformity and security they required. They searched for a way to look into the future and see their costs as well as learn a few spells to permanently understand and translate tricky print activities and usage.
To facilitate and deliver on Czech Post’s needs, we integrated YSoft SAFEQ with SAP. This move allowed these two leading products to work seamlessly in unison. To make sure the horror truly vanished, we included reporting to their solution, to allow them full control and visibility into their print activities.
We also set up a subscription where their monthly costs are predictable and transparent. Czech Post has reported that their print poltergeist never came back.

3. The paper beast and inefficient workflows cause chaos

The team at Madgwicks Lawyers has lived a nightmare too. Not only were they fighting the horrifying paper beast growing exponentially by the day, but they were also experiencing mysterious disappearing electronic documents. 
We couldn’t let these lawyers deal with this chaos on their own, so we stepped in. Their antidote of choice was advanced scan highlighting and OCR functionality. Today, the team doesn’t experience documents vanishing and now has full command of the paper monster.

Moral of the story

While these true scary stories can sound like a bunch of hocus pocus, the reality is that hard-working, artistic, and innovative development teams are to thank for the print solutions that are available to you today. Our experts work their magic every day and make printing practices around the world better for it.
They see the horrors lurking in the shadows and banish the nightmares for good with a range of print management solutions, both on-premises and in the cloud, that help centralize your print infrastructure, reduce the burden on IT, and take your office (and home office) print further.
Don’t forget–when choosing a print management solution, choose wisely as a bad decision can haunt you for a long time.
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