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Artificial Intelligence and Project Mapping: Y Soft Ventures Investments

Central Europe continues to grow its community of entreprenuers. Recognizing the talent, ambitions and support these young companies need, Y Soft Ventures continues to invest in interesting technology. Today, Y Soft Ventures announced an investment of USD 2.3 million in two new Czech-based technology companies -- GreyCortex and Lumitrix, both having far-reaching global business potential.
GreyCortex (USD 1.3 million), develops a unique artificial intelligence driven solution for network monitoring and rapid response that helps secure network traffic for organizations such as the Czech National Security Authority and Mexican University UACM.

Lumitrix (USD 1 million), develops and manufactures an advanced outdoor projection-mapping system that integrates surface scanners and offers the ability to operate the device remotely via on-line connection.

In addition to giving back to the startup community -- after all, Y Soft was once a young startup with two determined founders -- Y Soft Ventures offers mentoring and other support. This means Y Soft employees are able to work directly with these youong startups where we learn new things and come away with new ideas and inspiration.

Read the press release.
Milos Sochor
Milos Sochor is the Managing Partner of Y Soft Ventures, the VC arm of Y Soft Corporation. When he is not busy building a community of Central European innovative startups with global business potential or scouting for new opportunities to enhance Y Soft Venture's portfolio, you have a pretty good chance of spotting Milos riding alpine passes or racing circuits on one of his motorcycles.
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