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Delphine Clavel
Delphine is our go-to-market team lead. She holds the role of Product Marketing Manager, a position she has upheld before and since the acquisition of EveryonePrint in 2022. Delphine leverages her extensive experience as a product and project development executive for innovative products to lead her team. She has a master’s degree in Marketing from IAE France - Aix-en-Provence. Even more, she’s an active individual, based in France, who loves food, quality time with family, and traveling the world.

How Cloud-Based Print Management is Changing the Game on IT Efficiency
YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Product Marketing Manager (Go-to-Market lead)
IT migraines are a thing of the past as we’re making IT efficiency a priority with Cloud-based print management systems. During the last few years, the role of IT leaders has significantly evolved alongside the evolution of technology. Where you used to be in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of systems, responding to customer needs, and overseeing troubleshooting tasks, today you can get more proactive and tackle mission-critical projects that help increase efficiency through automation tools and optimized internal processes.
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On-Premises or Cloud: Is That the Real Question?
YSoft SafeQ, YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Product Marketing Manager (Go-to-Market lead)
Christmas is here and with a new year lurking in the corner, businesses are offered another opportunity to rethink their office functionality and progressiveness. One of the main focuses is on IT, with 88% of business leaders planning to sustain or increase IT investments. One question that keeps coming up is: “on-premises or cloud–what do I choose?”.
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