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Jim Wieser
Jim calls New York home and, when not traveling to visit with partners and customers, he enjoys spending time with his family and scuba diving. As a professional scuba diving trainer and master dive instructor, he is literally under water a lot. When he comes up for air, he can tell you a lot about owning his own businesses and his previous work at OpenText, Xerox and Eastman Kodak.

Top stories

Printing Trends, Document Solutions and Home Working – Focussing on Finance
17 August 2022   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Business Development Director
The recent IDC end-user survey is jam-packed full of information on hybrid-working, printing trends, and more. In this short series of blog posts, we take a closer look at how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting printing in four key industries. This article covers the financial services (FS) sector.
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Industry focus - print management in healthcare
14 September 2021   YSoft SafeQ
Business Development Director
The healthcare industry is like no other with lives literally hanging in the balance. Providing effective care comes with many healthcare business process challenges such as print services. This article looks at how print management can overcome print services challenges allowing staff to achieve the priority of quality patient care.
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Fax is Dead; Long Live Fax
30 March 2021   YSoft SafeQ
Business Development Director
The humble fax continues to play a role in many industries, and for good reason. However, with digital transformation gaining pace, what happens to fax? We’ve taken it digital. Here we look at the role of fax and the benefits of Digital Fax for SAFEQ.
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Top 5 questions when moving to the cloud: How to manage printing with multiple platforms?
4 February 2021   YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Business Development Director
Our 5-part blog series looks at the top questions you need to consider when moving your print environment into the cloud. In this post, the final installment to the series, we look at how to manage your printing across multiple platforms.  
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Additional stories

TOP 5 QUESTIONS WHEN MOVING TO THE CLOUD: Can cloud printing integrate with other cloud services?
16 November 2020   YSoft SafeQ, YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Business Development Director
The fourth question to ask when considering cloud-based print management is, can you integrate with my other cloud services?  
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16 June 2020   YSoft SafeQ
Business Development Director
We have teamed up with Epic to provide healthcare organizations a complete, cost effective and secure print services solution. The YSoft SAFEQ Connector integration with Epic® is here.  
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