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Václav Duda
Václav works with our product management and marketing teams in many areas to ensure that the voice of the customer and customer needs are properly reflected in our products. As a member of our product marketing team, he is currently responsible for Y Soft hardware and 3D print solutions areas. He is often called “The Dude” because Václav is a fairly common name within Y Soft (to be honest, in the Czech Republic in general). When his little kids leave him some free time, he likes to do sports (running or mountain biking). He participates in Y Soft’s in-office yoga classes and often invites friends for home-made burgers, a chat or to watch movies. Despite his nickname, he has never seen The Big Lebowski.

Part 12: 3D printing - Our top 3 tips for Education
YSoft be3D
In this blog series, many topics were introduced as considerations for bringing 3D printing into the classroom. All the topics are important and each school has their own priorities. However, as this 12-part series draws to a close, here we summarize and combine the topics as top tips and provide links to where you can read more.
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Part 11: Expanding your 3D print environment
YSoft be3D
When introducing 3D printing, many schools and universities introduce just one or two printers, largely driven by budget restrictions. Phasing the introduction of 3D printing is a good approach as it allows you to monitor how students and faculty staff interact with the new technology, to test it and plan your expansion accordingly. However, soon enough more printers are needed as the student and faculty usage requires it. Here are five considerations when developing your 3D printing expansion plan.
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Part 10: Maintaining & Supporting 3D Printing
YSoft be3D
Does investing in new technology increase the pressure on your IT Administrator?
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