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Featured article

Featured article
Part 1: What is 3D Printing & What Are the Benefits for Education?
17 April 2017   YSoft be3D
In the education sector, 3D printing has very real benefits. The technology enables students to engage in the lesson and more quickly grasp relatively complex topics. Teachers also think of new creative ways to deliver their lessons and help their students excel. These are just two reasons why an increasing number of schools and universities are adopting or expanding their use of 3D printing.
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What’s new in the BE3D Academy?
29 June 2022   YSoft be3D
Chief Marketing Officer
Working with Masaryk University, we have developed a series of resources to take your 3D printing lessons to the next level. Here, we tell you about our latest lesson plan release.
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Masaryk University Collaboration Yields First 4 3D Lessons
9 November 2021   YSoft be3D
Chief Marketing Officer
BE3D Academy adds four new 3D lessons – free for any educator to download. 3D lesson plans are rich resources for teaching STEAM subjects through engaging projects and 3D printing. Here we share details on the new lessons. 
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Let’s talk about the teachers:
7 benefits of 3D printing
2 August 2021   YSoft be3D
Chief Marketing Officer
3D printing is gaining traction in educational institutions across America and the world. Inspiring a new generation of learners, it combines problem-solving skills with creativity and innovation. However, quite often the focus is on how 3D printing can benefit students, not teachers. Let’s change that. I’d like to take a closer look at the seven key teacher benefits of using 3D printing in education.  
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3D Printing in Education - Curriculum Resources
7 July 2021   YSoft be3D
Chief Marketing Officer
When teachers want to add 3D printing to the classroom, they need help with lesson plans. BE3D Academy provides teachers with 3D lessons that are rich in content, are easy to use and engage students with STEAM subjects. New lessons are now available.  
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Y Soft Kids Create Newest 3D Lessons
13 April 2021   YSoft be3D
Chief Marketing Officer
Newest BE3D Academy lessons, inspired by children’s contest entries, are now available to children around the world.
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Learning can be fun – New premium lessons now available
19 January 2021   YSoft be3D
Product Marketing Director
Learning complex concepts can be difficult. Teachers have new resources to make STEAM topics come to life in the classroom or via remote teaching.
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