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Featured article

Featured article
The challenge of the hybrid workforce: Print Security
29 July 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
In this final part of our series looking at the hybrid workforce, we look at the challenge of print security. Here we discuss what this means for office/home print environment(s) and how Y Soft can help.  
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OMNI Series: Our 2021 Holiday Promotion
15 November 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
We love the holiday season, and we couldn’t think of a better way to mark the season of goodwill than with a gift from us to you. A gift that helps bring everyone closer together in the cloud, no matter where they are. Let me tell you about our special holiday promotion for OMNI Series that will ensure you start 2022 the way you plan to continue, safely and securely. Read on and find out more about the gift that keeps on giving!
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When cloud printing is critical
26 October 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
In a digital era, printing remains a critical business process. How can you make sure it is available when you need it? A print service outage can be a disaster in some industries and an annoying time-consuming inconvenience in others. However, it will always result in a loss of productivity and cost. Let’s look at high availability (HA), and what it means for cloud printing.
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Moving Print Infrastructure to the Cloud
1 August 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Y Soft's Director or Business Development, James Wieser, outlines why organizations are moving print infrastructure to the cloud and the advtantages of "print from anywhere."  
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The challenge of the hybrid workforce: Zoom doom, the digital detox, and the rise of print
26 July 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
The bedrock of a hybrid workforce is digital technology. Keeping staff connected and productive regardless of location has been a lifeline to so many. However, constant screen time and the rise of Zoom doom is quickly making paper, and the printed page, unlikely heroes.
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The challenge of the hybrid workforce: Cloud-based solutions that work
8 July 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Product Marketing Director
Cloud-based technology shot to fame as the world grappled with working from home and the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it’s time to look longer-term. Continuing our series on the challenges of supporting the hybrid or blended workforce, we take a look at ensuring access to reliable cloud-based printing. 
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Printing from Home: The Secure Way
1 July 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
What happens when the office is not only not paperless, it’ s not in the office?Over the past 18 months, where, when, and how we work has seismically shifted. The hybrid workforce currently looks set to be the future way of working. There has never been a better time to securely manage the home office.
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