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Startup Yard: Tech Culture in the Czech Republic, a candid conversation
26 June 2015   Y Soft Corporation, Y Soft Ventures
Y Soft's Ondřej Krajíček, CTO, discusses the tech ecosystem in the Czech Republic. In this two-part interview, Ondřej shares his thoughts on the systemic issues he sees in the Czech approach to entrepreneurialism, education and government policy surrounding business.  
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Artificial Intelligence and Project Mapping: Y Soft Ventures Investments
23 June 2016   Y Soft Corporation, Y Soft Ventures
Managing Partner, Y Soft Ventures
Central Europe continues to grow its community of entreprenuers. Recognizing the talent, ambitions and support these young companies need, Y Soft Ventures continues to invest in interesting technology. Today, Y Soft Ventures announced an investment of USD 2.3 million in two new Czech-based technology companies -- GreyCortex and Lumitrix, both having far-reaching global business potential.
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Y Soft Ventures Receives Capital Injection
26 January 2017   Y Soft Ventures
Managing Partner, Y Soft Ventures
Since 2014, Y Soft Ventures (YSV) has been helping entrepreneurs in Central Europe with funding. But more than that – and what makes Y Soft Ventures different – is that as an in-house venture arm, YSV is able to offer young companies much more.
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Show me the (Smart) money!
11 September 2017   Y Soft Ventures
Managing Partner, Y Soft Ventures
Y Soft Ventures was established in 2014 with a clear and simple strategy: support local Central European startups that a) have a focus on the B2B market, b) have a service or product that integrates both software and hardware c) have a multi-vertical targeted product or service and d) have the potential of doing business on a global scale.
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Manufacturing: helping young startups
24 December 2018   Y Soft Ventures
COO, Head of Manufacturing
One of Y Soft Ventures unique values offered to young startups is manufacturing and logistical expertise. Sewio Networks, one of Venture’s portfolio of investments, provides a good example of how manufacturing can help accelerate a path to global markets.
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Strategic Management: Helping Young Startups
18 February 2019   Y Soft Ventures
Chief Technology Strategist
As part of its Genuine Smart Money approach to investing in young startups, providing strategic management advice is one of the many benefits received by Y Soft Ventures portfolio companies.  
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Financial Advice: Helping Young Companies
15 March 2019   Y Soft Ventures
Principal, Y Soft Ventures
Part of Y Soft Ventures’ value to our funded portfolio companies is offering mentoring to the founders and their leadership team. Once such area of mentoring is financial guidance.  
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