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Forbes: Y Soft Ventures invests in
2 September 2015   Y Soft Ventures
VP, Product Communications
Forbes sat down with Sewio CEO and CTO to talk about the investment made in Sewio by Y Soft Ventures. Today, Y Soft Ventures announced a funding round in Sewio Networks. Sewio solutions use precise location data and wireless sensors to help find, protect, optimize or control the things that matter the most – people, equipment and assets.
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Forbes: Michl joins Y Soft Ventures Board
2 November 2015   Y Soft Ventures
VP, Product Communications
Former chief analyst at Raiffeisenbank will be a member of the Board of Directors to help further develop Y Soft Ventures with advice and equity.
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Y Soft shares know-how with talented innovators in eHealth hackathon
7 April 2016   Y Soft Ventures
VP, Product Communications
Y Soft is proud to support the first eHealth hackathon taking place in Brno, Czech Republic on 8-9 April. The Healthcathon, is a 28 hour-long gathering of developers, UXers, programmers and others with cool ideas (and the ability to face sleep deprivation), to focus on healthcare projects related to the Internet of Things, Telemedicine or Smart Medication.
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Startup Yard: Tech Culture in the Czech Republic, a candid conversation
26 June 2015   Y Soft Corporation, Y Soft Ventures
Y Soft's Ondřej Krajíček, CTO, discusses the tech ecosystem in the Czech Republic. In this two-part interview, Ondřej shares his thoughts on the systemic issues he sees in the Czech approach to entrepreneurialism, education and government policy surrounding business.  
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Artificial Intelligence and Project Mapping: Y Soft Ventures Investments
23 June 2016   Y Soft Corporation, Y Soft Ventures
Managing Partner, Y Soft Ventures
Central Europe continues to grow its community of entreprenuers. Recognizing the talent, ambitions and support these young companies need, Y Soft Ventures continues to invest in interesting technology. Today, Y Soft Ventures announced an investment of USD 2.3 million in two new Czech-based technology companies -- GreyCortex and Lumitrix, both having far-reaching global business potential.
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Y Soft Ventures Receives Capital Injection
26 January 2017   Y Soft Ventures
Managing Partner, Y Soft Ventures
Since 2014, Y Soft Ventures (YSV) has been helping entrepreneurs in Central Europe with funding. But more than that – and what makes Y Soft Ventures different – is that as an in-house venture arm, YSV is able to offer young companies much more.
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Show me the (Smart) money!
11 September 2017   Y Soft Ventures
Managing Partner, Y Soft Ventures
Y Soft Ventures was established in 2014 with a clear and simple strategy: support local Central European startups that a) have a focus on the B2B market, b) have a service or product that integrates both software and hardware c) have a multi-vertical targeted product or service and d) have the potential of doing business on a global scale.
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