Cloud+Edge: the first step in our cloud-first strategy
30 September 2019   YSoft SafeQ
James Turner
Product Marketing Manager, YSoft SAFEQ Breeze
It’s an exciting day here at Y Soft. YSoft Labs is taking the first step in our cloud-first strategy by working with select partners and SMBs to beta test a new cloud-based print management-as-a-service project.
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Killer apps for Edge Computing: Is one of them printing?
24 September 2019   YSoft SafeQ
Ondřej “Ondra” Krajíček
Chief Technology Strategist
The use of Edge Computing to push applications, data and services away from centralized nodes to the logical extremes of a network is on the rise. The Edge is where users and their devices meet the network that connects them.  
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SMB and the Cloud - Survey Results
3 September 2019   Y Soft Corporation
Karen Lachtanski
VP, Product Communications
Today we released the results of an independent, global survey of IT decision makers on their cloud preferences.
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Edge Computing 101: A Demystification Guide for Managing Print Services
20 August 2019   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Ondřej “Ondra” Krajíček
Chief Technology Strategist
The thing about technology is this: The leading edge keeps moving. And it often runs in circles. Today that means Edge Computing is the next big thing and it stands on the shoulders of giants.  
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Case studies on 3D printing in Education: Justifying the Investment
7 August 2019   YSoft be3D
3D printing is being adopted by an ever-increasing number of schools, colleges and universities. It has become an essential educational tool. Within Education however, tight budgets and funding are always a concern so in this final article in the Making 3D Printing in Education a Reality series, we look at various ways schools can justify and fund 3D printing for the classroom.
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YSoft SafeQ Speaks Barcodes
1 August 2019   YSoft SafeQ
Michal Husár
Technical Product Manager
Are you scanning documents that contain barcodes? YSoft SAFEQ can automatically read these barcodes and use the values contained in them.
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Robots as card reader testers mean better quality
27 July 2019   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Jakub Pavlák
Engineering Team Lead
In this article, we explain how our team of robots have been used to test the fault tolerance of our card readers. Spoiler alert: zero fault tolerance!
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Chrome Enterprise Recommended
Chrome Enterprise Recommended
SAFEQ is verified to Google's high performance standards for built-in printing from Chrome browsers.