Old World, New World - New White Paper
26 October 2017   YSoft SafeQ
Organizations of all sizes are looking to improve productivity. Customers expect faster transactions at lower costs. While customer-facing processes are important, internal paper-based processes can be improved upon by going digital too.  
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Accurate Student Application Processing with YSoft SafeQ Workflows
16 October 2017   YSoft SafeQ
Miroslav (Mirek) Sova
Product Manager - Scanning Solutions
Accurately processing and storing student applications is vital for any school or university. Ensuring that students’ identities and grades are verified is an important stage of the application process. However, it can be arduous and time-consuming, prone to human error. A solution that helps you automate many of the steps would be useful, right?  
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Getting our geek on at Geecon Prague 2017
12 October 2017   Y Soft Corporation
Zuzana Zatrochová
Technical Product Manager
Growing the local developer community in the Czech Republic is something our R&D teams take great pride in. The Czech Republic is well known for its engineering talent and many global companies have offices here in Prague and Brno to take advantage of that. With GeeCon Prague coming up, it’s a great opportunity to talk all things Java. Y Soft is once again sponsoring GeeCon Prague, October 18-20. Here is what we are doing to support GeeCon this year.  
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Part 9: Building a curriculum around 3D printing
2 October 2017   YSoft be3D
Manka Chaloupková
Chief of Engineering, YSoft be3D
3D printing helps teachers of all subjects revolutionize their lesson plans and inspire students. Coordinating the use of 3D printing across multiple subjects can also help students connect topics and gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the world around them. This simple diagram provides guidance on how you can use 3D printing to bring subjects to life and engage your students in the classroom.  
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Y Soft’s Collaboration with Academia
26 September 2017   Y Soft Corporation
Andrij Stecko
Research Coordinator
This article provides information and statistics collected over the last eight years on selected activities within the scope of our Applied Research and University Relations (ARUR) program. We are proud to have built upon the strong foundation made in previous years and since our last review, in November 2015. You can read the previous analysis here.  
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Part 8: Designing for 3D Printing
20 September 2017   YSoft be3D
Manka Chaloupková
Chief of Engineering, YSoft be3D
So, you have found your perfect 3D printing solution, created the right environment and everyone is excited about it. How do you now find the right design resources or even use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to design your own models? In this article, we look at some of the resources available to take you from zero to hero, or something in between.   
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Made for winners. eDee solution shined in student engineering contest
12 September 2017   YSoft be3D
Manka Chaloupková
Chief of Engineering, YSoft be3D
As an exclusive 3D Printing Partner of prestigious student contest EBEC 2017 we provided our YSoft be3D eDee print management solution including 7 eDee 3D printers which teams from different universities used to accomplish their tasks.
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