3D Printing: Managing secure access
10 December 2018   YSoft be3D
Petr Šťastný
Senior Product Manager
Using 3D printing in the classroom can be highly beneficial, not just for STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) but also for art, music, design and history. To get the most out of 3D printing, 3D printers need to be accessible, yet access needs to be managed by the school Today most schools lock 3D printers in a room, limited the accessibility.  
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…And the Winners Are
7 December 2018   Y Soft Corporation
Jan Hrabovsky
Partner Portal Manager
2018 is nearly over so it is time to announce the 2018 Y Soft Award winners, recognition to Y Soft Partners for their outstanding sales and great customer stories.  
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Scan Workflows: For People or Devices?
3 December 2018   YSoft SafeQ
Antonin Masojidek
Product Marketing Manager
Have you ever wondered why YSoft SafeQ Automated Scan Workflows are assigned to people and not to a multifunction device?
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Our Startup Story
27 November 2018   Y Soft Corporation
Karen Lachtanski
Director, Global Communications
Every company has their own startup story. Ours began 11 years after the Velvet Revolution.
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7 barriers to achieving an efficient print and scan environment
19 November 2018   YSoft SafeQ
Antonin Masojidek
Product Marketing Manager
Change is everywhere, and the pace of change is intensifying. The way we work is evolving, from the rise of the gig economy, to technology creating a dispersed, mobile workforce. There is increasing pressure for organizations to be more efficient and productive than ever before.  
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9 November 2018   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Ondřej “Ondra” Krajíček
Chief Technology Strategist
In this, the final article in a series, we look at artificial intelligence (AI) and why 33% of the research respondents considered this to be an area of focus and change for the future of print industry.  
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Transforming the C-Suite
5 November 2018   Y Soft Corporation
Martin de Martini
Y Soft co-founder and CIO
Technology brings change, and organizations need to be ready for that change. The C-Suite is not immune to this transformational process. Digital transformation needs strong leadership to plan and manage the process at every level of the organization. This is the fourth and final article on the impact of Digital Transformation in the workplace.
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