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Webinar -- Using YSoft SafeQ to support home office
YSoft SafeQ
Business Development Director
During the COVID-19 lockdown, most business employees are working from home. Essential workers who need to be in the business office may have designated work hours to ensure social distancing is in place.
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The Y Soft Way: Customer Focused SLAs & Support
YSoft SafeQ
SVP, Customer Support Services
We firmly believe that our customers should be central to all of our activities, products and processes. This series of articles sets out our customer first approach. In this article we examine the final of our four pillars: SLAs and support.  
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The Y Soft Way: Global Operational Excellence™ Framework
YSoft SafeQ
Product Owner
Here at Y Soft we follow a customer first approach; we believe that our customers should be central to everything that we do. Our approach is built on four key pillars, which are discussed in this series of articles. This article takes a closer look at the third pillar, our Global Operational Excellence™ (GOE) Framework.  
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6 ways Y Soft can help you go green
YSoft SafeQ
Vice President of Product Management
Everyone must play their part to look after our environment, and organizations are no exception. In this article we look at six ways Y Soft can help transform your print environment to reduce your carbon footprint while also increasing your efficiency and saving you money.
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Teachers, 3D printing and STEAM: Mathematics
YSoft be3D
Former CMO
With 3D printing, even the most complex mathematical concepts can be explained and understood. In this, the sixth and final article in this series, we look at the tools and resources available to support using 3D printing to teach math.  
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The Y Soft Way: Customer Focused Contracts
Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Medior Program Agilist
Putting our customers first is a central focus of everything we do at Y Soft. Our Customer First Approach is most visible in sales and support, and so this series of articles looks at some of the topics in this area – today we look at our customer focused contracts.  
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Does saving over $13,000 a year sound good?
Y Soft Corporation
Former Product Marketing Lead
Y Soft offers free industry research that reveals insights on the state of cloud-based printing.    
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