5 Scary Print and Scan Security Risks to address this Halloween
29 October 2020   YSoft SafeQ
When you think of October you conjure up visions of leaves changing color, pumpkins, dressing up as witches and ghosts and of course trick or treating. Halloween is almost here, and to mark this, we have hunted down five of the scariest print and scan security risks. Be afraid. Be very afraid.  
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SAFEQ Now Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended
20 October 2020   YSoft SafeQ
Bruce Leistikow
Product Marketing Director
YSoft SAFEQ’s new extension enables users to natively print from a Chrome browser. All print activity is securely printed through YSoft SAFEQ.
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Tips for Secure Work From Home Printing
13 October 2020   YSoft SafeQ
Matthew Wrighton
Product Marketing Director
Organizations rapidly shifted to a predominantly work from home (WFH) workforce. Now they are considering keeping part of their workforce as home office workers. This might present challenges for you in IT when tasked with keeping company information safe and secure. One such area is the print and scan environment. Consider the many features and extensions YSoft SAFEQ has to support you.
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What’s new in BE3D Academy
29 September 2020   YSoft be3D
Jan Sudik
Product Marketing Director
BE3D Academy is an online collection of 3D lesson plans, designed by educators, for educators. This library of lesson plans is always growing, and here we highlight another five of our premium content resources.  
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Adopting Universal Print – 3 boxes to check
28 September 2020   YSoft OMNI Series
Bruce Leistikow
Product Marketing Director
With any new technology, there are some things to consider. Here are three boxes you may need to tick off.
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Top 5 Questions When Moving to the Cloud | How to Scale
18 September 2020   YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Hyder Mohammed 
Lead Enterprise Architect
Moving your printing to the cloud? There are some key questions to ask your solution provider before you make the move. Continuing our Top 5 Questions series, this article looks at how to ensure cloud-based print infrastructure services can scale without costs increasing exponentially.
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20th Anniversary: Giving Back
17 September 2020   Y Soft Corporation
Chris Herben
Director, Global Partner Marketing
Our 20th anniversary celebration is centered along four central themes: Building Smart Business, Continuing Innovation, Giving Back, and Fun & Friends. In this article, we discuss what giving back means to Y Soft and a special “20%” giving back program.
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