Adopting Universal Print – 3 boxes to check
28 September 2020   YSoft OMNI Series
Bruce Leistikow
Product Marketing Director
With any new technology, there are some things to consider. Here are three boxes you may need to tick off.
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Top 5 Questions When Moving to the Cloud | How to Scale
18 September 2020   YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Hyder Mohammed 
Lead Enterprise Architect
Moving your printing to the cloud? There are some key questions to ask your solution provider before you make the move. Continuing our Top 5 Questions series, this article looks at how to ensure cloud-based print infrastructure services can scale without costs increasing exponentially.
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20th Anniversary: Giving Back
17 September 2020   Y Soft Corporation
Chris Herben
Director, Global Partner Marketing
Our 20th anniversary celebration is centered along four central themes: Building Smart Business, Continuing Innovation, Giving Back, and Fun & Friends. In this article, we discuss what giving back means to Y Soft and a special “20%” giving back program.
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When Microsoft Asks You To Collaborate
14 September 2020   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft OMNI Series
Bruce Leistikow
Product Marketing Director
Everybody knows something about Microsoft 365 and the Azure Cloud, right?  Productivity apps in the cloud, check. Video team meetings via cloud, check. Data storage and analysis in the cloud, check.This is our story on how we are making Universal Print, a feature in Microsoft 365, work on in-market printers.
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Enterprise printing in the cloud: reserved hosting
8 September 2020   YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
James Turner
Product Marketing Manager, YSoft SAFEQ Breeze
As an enterprise business, using the cloud for your print management and infrastructure comes with many benefits, mainly reducing IT burden and costs. It also comes with a question: do you want to use shared hosting or reserved hosting?  
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Our First 20 Years
31 August 2020   Y Soft Corporation
Vaclav Muchna
CEO, Co-Founder
It’s hard to believe that 20 years have gone by. But the calendar doesn’t lie and here we are in 2020.
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Top 5 Questions when moving to the Cloud: How to ensure availability
25 August 2020   YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Ondřej “Ondra” Krajíček
Chief Technology Strategist
Moving your printing into the cloud can pose some serious questions, such as reliability, user experience and cost. Transition of printing to the cloud is by all means an important part of your digital transformation journey.  
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