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YSoft SafeQ Modules for 3D Print Management

YSoft SAFEQ is a set of software modules. Bundled modules are offered as software suites for the best value. Most modules can be used individually and additional modules can be added at any time.
SAFEQ print management platform
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Print Authentication is a key component for secure access to 2D/3D print, copy and scan devices. The Print Authentication module enforces secure access, provides usage analysis and applies print, scan and copy governance across your entire fleet of printers, multifunction devices (MFDs) and 3D printers.
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Print Roaming®

Print Roaming® enables pull-printing – seamless printing wherever and whenever you need it. 

Your organization needs a secure and flexible enterprise workflow solution which supports user-friendly printing across multiple locations, including 3D printing.
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Reporting provides easy access to an in-depth analysis of the oganization's print, copy scan and fax usage. A rich set of default reports contains information to optimize your print services environment. Reports can be customized by administrators easily.
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Credit & Billing

Organizations where costs for print, scan and copy use need to be charged back to clients or tracked by project need a way to accurately and easily handle the accounting. The Credit and Billing module allocates and tracks costs. The module can also manage pay-for-print services with user accounts.


Looking to let your Print Soar in the Cloud?

Transitions to the cloud have skyrocketed in IT departments across the globe. If you’re already on a cloud journey, including your print management solution is a no-brainer. And even if you’re not – kickstarting the journey has never been easier. So, what’s holding you back? 

Here’s how you can move your print environment to the cloud: 

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud

Take your print infrastructure to the cloud using a fully flexible native cloud solution. As you scale, we’re right there with you, with a cloud printing solution that adapts to your pace and makes life easier for everyone printing.

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SAFEQ Managed

Let us manage your print infrastructure in a secure, reserved cloud environment. SAFEQ Managed is ideal if you want the benefits of print management, without the need to purchase on-premise servers.

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OMNI Bridge

If your print architecture isn’t cloud-enabled on its own, fret not. OMNI Bridge is a cloud-connector, making any print device cloud-ready in just a few minutes. Don’t let your printers hold you back. 

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