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YSoft BE3D eDee printer

Designed with student safety, ease of use, high performance and reliability in mind. A perfectly sized desktop 3D printer for any space.
YSoft BE3D eDee printer

Ideal for realizing the benefits of 3D

A modern, fully automated printer, the eDee 3D printer is Ideal for organizations looking to realize 3D printing’s benefits with high quality output within a safe, enclosed printer. The enclosed chassis shields the user from moving parts and the high temperatures needed to layer the plastic material that forms the 3D object.
3D printer authentication

Secure access

The YSoft BE3D eDee 3D printer is only accessible when a user logs in, using either their username/password or student ID card (if the optional built-in card reader is installed). This means that the printer can be located anywhere it is convenient. You have complete peace of mind that only authorized users have access, keeping the 3D printer and printed objects secure.
eDee user interface design

Flawless user interface design

The retractable touch screen control panel is intuitive for student and staff use alike. Users can process their print jobs, get an estimate of the print time and receive an email when their model is done. Administrators can control printer settings and do basic maintenance in just minutes.

The compact design makes this 3D printer perfect for any size of room and a clog free nozzle offers up to 1,500 of printing hours per nozzle. Lockable doors and a retractable touch screen control panel add to the design and functionality of the 3D printer.

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