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3D Filaments

PLA (polylactic acid) is one of the most popular 3D printing filaments. It is one of the easiest materials to work with, offering better, more cost-effective results than many other filament types on the market. It’s safe and offers excellent printing quality, which is useful in a broad range of printing applications.
3D printing filament

PLA (PolyLactic Acid) is a cost-effective biodegradable plastic that, compared to other materials, does not emit harmful toxins in any significant level and is generally easier to work with making it particularly suitable for students.

Since all 3D printers are different, Y Soft certifies filaments that work best with its 3D printers, so schools do not have to trial and error with other more brittle PLA filament brands.


BENEFITS of certified 3D filaments

Environmentally Friendly & Safe
PLA filament is one of the eco-friendliest 3D printer materials available; it is biodegradable making it environmentally friendly. PLA is also odorless, does not emit harmful toxins and is one of the safest 3D printing filaments.
Robust & Durable
PLA is a durable 3D printing material with excellent printing quality, useful in a broad range of printing applications. In addition to be used to create a 3D object, PLA can also be used to create supports during the printing process. Supports are added during the 3D layering step to add structures that can either help adhere the object on the print bed or “support” objects that have a small footprint and a heavier or wider area on top.
Cost effective
PLA is one of the cleaner 3D printing materials reducing waste and preventing nozzle clog. This means it is also one of the most cost effective materials to use in many areas including Education. Its wide use means that costs are lower than materials that have lower demand.
Excellent print quality
Y Soft’s certified PLA filament offers excellent print quality and nozzle clog ratio. With at least 1,500 hours of unclogged printing, projects will be of a consistently high quality, without the need to regularly clean the nozzle.


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