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Data Protection / GDPR

Securing customer data in our products and services
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History of protecting customer data 

For over twenty years, Y Soft products and services have managed the printing, copying, scanning, and faxing of customer data by providing print management and document capture services. 

Our products and services are used by over 42% of the Global Fortune 500. We are proud of the trust these organizations have placed with us in protecting their data security and privacy.
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Data Protection

By design, our products and services do not store user’s credentials. Through authentication, we verify a user’s identity against a customer’s corporate directory in an encrypted manner. We do not store any data contained in documents and documents processed through workflows to pre-defined destinations are encrypted end-to-end. We use single-sign on to Microsoft 365 or other customer trusted systems.
A laptop with floating data security emblems

Zero-Trust Network

More than a trendy marketing term, a zero-trust network verifies all points of access to information whether it involves accessing a printer where our software resides, or ways to mitigate against external threats as documents are processed and delivered. Y Soft products and services adhere to model where trust is never implicit and our access to customer data is granted only on one-to-one, need-to-know, and least privileged basis. This means our products and services access only what they need to in providing our services to organization’s users, nothing more.

By following a zero-trust network policy in our product and services design, users can seamlessly access what they need without worry that unauthorized data is exposed.
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Modern and Legacy

Y Soft understands that not all customers or printers are zero-trust ready. While we constantly improve our legacy apps to be consistent with the most modern security technologies, we also enable customers to use Edge technology to ensure they can be as zero-trust network as possible.