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A comprehensive project management service for deploying YSoft SAFEQ

GOE Framework

Most complex IT projects are either marginally successful – where the promised value is not realized – or are outright failures. The Global Operational Excellence (GOE) Framework ensures that implementing YSoft SAFEQ delivers on expected ROI without budget overruns and costly delays.
Closed-loop project management service schema

Key Benefits

The GOE Framework is used by Y Soft and/or Y Soft certified partners to completely understand your requirements and success factors in several phases: Discover, Design, Deploy and ongoing Proactive Care. With this formal process in place, you are assured of expert project management, a smooth deployment and achieving your project goals and ROI.


Y Soft ensures that all the right stakeholders in your organization are involved, a comprehensive review of your requirements is agreed upon and critical acceptance and success factors are identified. Often this includes functional, operational and financial considerations.


Y Soft and a certified partner assemble a formal delivery team, define the scope of the project, document and design any customizations. A final architectural and functional design that meets your requirements is delivered which can be tested in a proof of concept or a pilot proof of concept. Adjustments are made as needed leading to a statement of work.


A full deployment plan is created that includes resource scheduling, environmental readiness and change communications. Your acceptance criteria is reviewed continuously to ensure the design and deployment will match or exceed expectations. Operational and functional reporting ensure that the plan realizes and measures the complete value proposition and ROI of the project.

Proactive Care

YSoft Proactive Care provides ongoing support and monitoring of the deployment to ensure the continuous health of your YSoft SAFEQ system.

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