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Take on the Future with Automated Software Testing

Accelerate your product development with robotic testing and software configuration.

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From Code to Customer: Automated Testing for Software Excellence

Broad-Gauged Robotic Testing
With AIVA on your team, you've got
24/7 software testing capabilities at your disposal. AIVA can work autonomously and remotely (for technicians) to perform various automated software testing, including:

  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • V&V testing
  • Functional testing
YSoft AIVA Car testing

Worldwide Software Testing Without Leaving Your Desk

Remove Device Testing
AIVA software testing services give your team the power to use boundaryless testing for software and apps. Remote device testing is a cost-effective, flexible solution for continuous software enhancements.

YSoft AIVA accessed remotely

Automated Software Testing & Configuration

AIVA Workflows Diverse Testing Capabilities

AIVA offers comprehensive testing capabilities, seamlessly performing integration, regression, and functionality tests to improve software reliability and user experience.

RMS portal Remote Device Testing

Harness robotics to perform remote device testing, ensuring precision and efficiency from anywhere, shortening your time-to-market and enhancing the quality of your software.

Calibration Speedy Configurations

The AIVA automated software testing tool helps streamline your implementation, test, and release process to re-configure your software for maximize performance and usability.

Other Ways AIVA Can Help Your Team 

AIVA has a lot to offer, and these are just some ways this employee can support your team.

Do you have a different project that requires similar functions and abilities? If so, make sure to reach out to us. We’re happy to explore how AIVA can help!

Continuous Integration

Leverage AIVA to enhance and streamline your software development and testing process while shortening your time-to-market with Continuous Integration (CI). 

With integration automation and automated code testing, you can use AIVA to detect and prevent code issues early, accelerate service delivery, and enhance customer experience.

Learn more about Continuous Integration

Quality Assurance and Control

AIVA enables the automation of various testing related to the quality of hardware and embedded applications.

This quality assurance system is viable for on-site and remote testing of various products and even extends to the quality control of parts supplied by outsourcing companies. With AIVA, you can perform tests repeatedly for every integration.

Learn more about Quality Assurance