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Unlock Seamless Software Builds with Continuous Integration

Up your software development game and boost internal productivity with integration automation.

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AIVA Continues Integration

With our AIVA automation technology and software robotics, we help software providers introduce
and take advantage of continuous integration in their embedded systems.

Automated, Agile, and Swift Software Delivery

Continuous Integration (CI) streamlines software development by automating code integration and testing, ensuring new changes do not disrupt existing functionalities, and maintaining software quality.

With integration automation and automated code testing, developers can detect potential code issues early, making it easier to address them promptly. This ultimately helps companies accelerate service delivery and enhance customer experience.

YSoft AIVA Robotic Automation at work

Enhance Your Software Development Process

AIVA helps companies leverage the many advantages of continuous integration to enhance their software development for an agile development methodology.

Using AIVA for your CI configuration accelerates your team's workflow, empowering members to implement software updates confidently without the dread of disrupting the system.


Automate your Integration and Regression Testing

The AIVA robotic solution allows you to automate your integration and regression testing. The testing capabilities in AIVA ensure new codes seamlessly integrate into your software and that the software continuously performs as expected.

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AIVA Regression testing

Smart Automation with Continuous Integration

AIVA Workflows DevOps Productivity and Process Automation

AIVA helps DevOps teams reduce overhead through integration automation, increasing visibility, communication speed, and efficiency within your organization.

AIVA CI Speedy Workflows and Feedback Mechanisms

AIVA CI ensures faster development iterations and reduces the time and effort used on code change integrations while simultaneously enabling timely feedback on every change.

AIVA Early Detection Early Detection and Prevention of Defects

With continuous code merge and testing, AIVA helps prevent issues or conflicts in code branches. It lets you build features incrementally to save time on debugging and focus on value.

Other Ways AIVA Can Help Your Team 

AIVA has a lot to offer, and these are just some ways this employee can support your team.

Do you have a different project that requires similar functions and abilities? If so, make sure to reach out to us. We’re happy to explore how AIVA can help! 

Configuration and Testing

Instead of leveraging a Cobot (Collaborative Robot) and an on-site technician to perform pre-programmed operations for device testing and configuration, AIVA can work autonomously or with remote access for technicians in scenarios where automation isn’t suitable.

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Quality Assurance and Control

AIVA enables the automation of various testing related to the quality of hardware and embedded applications.

This quality assurance system is viable for on-site and remote testing of various products and even extends to the quality control of parts supplied by outsourcing companies. With AIVA, you can perform tests repeatedly for every integration.

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