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Looking for a Print and Scan Solution For your small business?

For small businesses, keeping ahead of the competition while managing costs is challenging. Historically, small to mid-sized businesses have struggled to access the latest, best-in-class technology to support their goals.
This is often driven largely by limitations on budget, lack of in-house technical expertise, or limitations of solutions designed for larger businesses. A company’s print environment plays an important part in the effective management of an organization but without careful management costs can spiral.

Y Soft developed its innovative print and document capture solutions with the small business front of mind.  Designed and priced for today’s small business, Y Soft enables you to improve print productivity, communication and collaboration while reducing print costs and waste -- all with a pricing and product model that makes sense for small businesses.

Let’s look at the ways Y Soft can help your small to mid-sizes business.

Reduce Printing Costs & Waste

Managing costs and waste can be increasingly difficult as a company grows. Y Soft has developed functionality within its solutions to help reduce waste and enable your business to report and monitor print activity, identifying cost saving opportunities. Two of the key YSoft SAFEQ features are:

Rule-Based Engine: Create automatic rules that enforce printing policies including single-side to two-sided, color to black and white. Even disallow certain types of print jobs or printing after work hours.

Purged printing: A job printed that didn’t need to be is one of the most wasteful and costly print jobs. This often occurs when a user sends a print job, realizes there is a typo, and reprints the job. The first job is thrown away. With Print Roaming the job wouldn’t print until the user or authorized recipient is at the printer—the incorrect job would never print and can be deleted at the printer. In addition, administrators can purge jobs automatically by setting predefined purge-by dates.

“The YSoft SAFEQ solution has completely fulfilled our needs, the number of printed pages has decreased and the total cost of printing has been greatly reduced.”

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In addition, YSoft SAFEQ Reporting module gives you access to in-depth analysis of your print environment. YSoft SAFEQ’s comprehensive portfolio of reports give you valuable data at your fingertips, providing all the information you need to optimize your print environment.These features not only save your business money but also help the environment, supporting your sustainability initiatives.

Solutions that Scale with Your Business

Y Soft appreciates that small businesses may want to start small and pay only for the services needed today.

With YSoft SAFEQ, you pay only for what you need now and additional features can be easily added later. For example, you may want to start with print management by purchasing either the complete YSoft SAFEQ Print Management Suite or only the Print Management Suite modules you need. You can later add additional Print Management Suite modules or, to obtain the advanced scan processing features, add modules from the YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite.

Pricing Models for the Small Business

In recent years, solution providers have introduced “as-a-service” options that offer flexibility and scalability. Y Soft recognized the benefits subscription pricing offers and applied this to its print management and scan workflow solutions. YSoft SAFEQ is priced to give small businesses complete control and flexibility regarding costs. Y Soft’s pricing model enables you to manage your costs effectively and focus your budget where it is needed, on growing your business.

Y Soft pricing models can help small businesses in two ways:
  1. Subscription service: As an alternative to perpetual software licenses, Y Soft’s flexible subscription service lets you pay as you go, monthly or quarterly, with no additional charge.
  2. Per device pricing: Whether you choose subscription or perpetual license, unlike other print management providers, you only pay per device, regardless of how many users use print devices.

 “By providing the full suite or modular deployment options, customers of all shapes and sizes are able to step into a truly utility model.”

Photizo, Y Soft Software Subscription Service Just Upped the Ante, December 2015

Optimize Efficiency & Productivity

For small businesses, efficiency and productivity are vital and this can become increasingly difficult to manage as a business grows. Being dynamic and competitive drives success and Y Soft has designed its solutions to support your business at every stage of its growth.

Y Soft developed its YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite to enable organizations to automate time consuming, paper-based tasks. This innovative product suite eliminates confusion from print scanning, ensuring that documents are captured accurately and distributed to authorized, pre-defined destinations automatically.

Accurate document capture and robust processing features make search and document retrieval faster and easier. Predefined workflows are customized scan tasks, such as invoice scanning, and can automate digital document delivery to popular cloud or on-premise systems including file servers, Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox Business and Dropbox Enterprise among others. Open architecture of YSoft SAFEQ also allows creation of Scan to script workflows, which allows a seamless link to any currently used document management system.

YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite helps your employees communicate and collaborate with one another, as well as with customers, partners and suppliers making your business more effective and efficient. As with our other Suites, the YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite can be combined with YSoft SAFEQ Print Management Suite (and becomes the YSoft SAFEQ Enterprise Suite) or can be used on its own for the advanced scan workflows.

An Extension of Your IT Team

As a small/medium business, your IT resources may be limited or outsourced. With YSoft Proactive Care, the care and monitoring of the YSoft SAFEQ system can be managed by Y Soft or a Y Soft partner. With Proactive Care, your system is constantly monitored to ensure it is operating in normal ranges and abnormalities are checked before any issues occur and your system is down. In this way, your scarce IT resources are released to focus on business critical projects.

Y Soft Small Business Solutions. Designed & Priced for Small Business

With these features and business models, Y Soft offers small businesses the functionality, control and flexibility that historically they have struggled to access. As a small business, these are solutions available to you today that help you run a more productive, efficient and cost effective business. These solutions support you today and into the future, as your business grows and needs change.

Learn more about YSoft Small Business Printing Solutions.

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