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YSoft Quick Print for Partners

Former Product Marketing Director
New tool for faster SAFEQ deployment
Our partner community of resellers deploys the YSoft SAFEQ on-premises platform within some of the largest companies in the world. We are talking about companies with tens of thousands of printers often located in different geographies.

Once a company has gone from a proof of concept, which is usually limited to a smaller number of printers, they are ready to deploy company wide. Often, that includes installation of the YSoft SAFEQ Client. There is a lot of flexibility in the SAFEQ Client and companies may choose all its features or some of them. It’s completely optional but packed with a lot of features so most companies use it.

Creating the Client installer, up until now, has been a service offered by Y Soft. And it still is. But now partners have the option of creating several different Client installers themselves with an online tool called YSoft Quick Print. This means partners can deploy or modify SAFEQ faster and customers can be up and running on SAFEQ and benefiting from its features sooner.

What are those features in the YSoft SAFEQ Client? Too many to mention and it depends on which Client installer type is chosen but a quick chat with a customer service and support team member revealed these as the most popular features that customers request:


  • Emergency Print – if for some reason a connection to SAFEQ is lost, SAFEQ remembers the last printer used and the user can submit a job and retrieve it from that last used printer
  • Offline Accounting
  • Notifications to the user when rules have been applied (for example, forcing a job to double-sided instead of single sided)
  • Being able to apply a billing code to the print job from the workstation (instead of doing it at the printer)
  • Client Based Print Roaming – where processing of a print job is done on the user’s workstation instead of a print server. This enables a company to need fewer servers to support printing

Depending on the Client, updates can be automatically pushed to workstations so IT doesn’t have to do anything and can be used on multiple operating systems.

With YSoft Quick Print, our knowledgeable partner community can use the self-service tool to get what they need when they need it – at no charge. We are available for support of course and we can always create the installer for the partner upon request.

In a world where self-help is preferred, we are happy to step out of the way and enable our partners to meet customer needs as quickly as possible.

If you are a print services looking for a print management partner that has your interests at heart, contact us and join the Y Soft Partner Community.


Matthew Wrighton
Matt is a former product director of Y Soft. In that role, he led the product strategy and execution for YSoft SAFEQ, ensuring customer insights and our company’s strategy and goals are supported by those in product development. He's a family man with 3 children. He loves sports, both watching and participating, especially football. Outside of sports, he loves socializing and enjoying a nice glass of wine and good food.
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