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Bootstrapping to $30M in Czech Republic

Vaclav Muchna spoke with Sramana Mitra about how Y Soft was started in 2000 and the events that led up to the founding. In this multi-part series, Sramana relays the story of Y Soft in a Q & A format. 
Ms Mitra, through her programs that assist entrepreneurs, speaks to many founders and co-founders to extract stories and lessons learned to help other entrepreneurs on their paths to success.

Part I - from student to entrepreneur
Part 2 - early projects
Part 3 - the early days of creating a centralized print server
Part 4 - first customers
Part 5 - the 100% channel strategy decision
Part 6 - going global
Part 7 - helping other entrepreneurs via Y Soft Ventures

Update: In June 2017, Vaclav Muchna participated in a live One Million by One Million webinar aimed at coaching entrepreneurs from all over the world. You can view a recording here.

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