Get Your Print Environment Cloud-Connected with OMNI Bridge™

OMNI Bridge edge device

Y Soft announces OMNI Bridge™ for SAFEQ Cloud.

Revive your legacy printers with the OMNI Bridge™ cloud-connector, now integrable with both SAFEQ Cloud® (native cloud printing) and SAFEQ Managed® (managed cloud printing). OMNI Bridge is a new SAFEQ Cloud platform hardware appliance. SAFEQ Cloud offers serverless web printing, amped-up security, and features easy printing.

OMNI Bridge is an edge device that helps businesses connect their legacy print environments to the cloud and achieve high availability and seamless printing–whenever and wherever they need it.

Get started with edge-enabled hybrid printing

YSoft OMNI Bridge, and its distributed architecture, helps IT teams like yours hook up your legacy print environment to the cloud, thereby boosting the performance of your legacy printers while supporting your hybrid office.

The device takes advantage of the compatibility of your legacy and modern technologies, so you can achieve true hybrid-first printing–with a 6-year warranty on top.


A cloud deployment model that suits you

Get rid of network complexities and extend the value of your SaaS applications while keeping your on-prem systems fully secure and accessible from anywhere. YSoft OMNI Bridge instantly connects printers to the cloud, providing cost savings with zero IT effort to deploy.

Market demand for edge solutions is growing,” says Iñaki Urricelqui, Product Manager at Y Soft. “Y Soft leads the Office Document Services industry by providing a bespoke Edge appliance with the OMNI Bridge".

The edge appliance is easy to use with a simple 3-step installation. Simply click “add edge device”, enter serial number and device ID, and lastly, grand access privileges to OMNI Bridge, including offline access and access to profiles.


OMNI Bridge™ features

  • Extended user authentication with Active Directory and LDAP 
  • High availability, including emergency print and remote management 
  • Embedded apps (terminals) for any non-cloud terminals 
  • Network resilience, allowing you to bridge disparate customer networks with reliable failover 

OMNI Bridge is available today, and customers can contact their Y Soft partner for ordering details.

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