Get productive with edge-enabled hybrid printing

OMNI Bridge™ and its distributed architecture helps you hook up your legacy print environment to the cloud.

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SAFEQ - OMNI Bridge Product

Get your fleet cloud-ready
with edge printing

OMNI Bridge works like a gateway to the cloud. When combined with our native cloud or managed cloud solutions, it instantly and cost-effectively kickstarts a hybrid deployment and connects your networked printers to the cloud, enabling seamless printing whenever you need it.


A deployment model that works in your favor

Remove network complexities and maximize the value of your SaaS applications while keeping your on-prem systems secure and accessible from anywhere. With OMNI Bridge, leverage the compatibility of your legacy and modern technologies to achieve true hybrid printing.


Revive your legacy printers

Make the hybrid deployment model work in your favor with an edge device that’s configurable for multiple locations, keeps your data securely protected, and efficiently makes your printer fleet cloud ready.


If a physical edge appliance is required, pick one that gives your IT team an uncompromisingly good cloud onboarding experience. OMNI Bridge is among the leading edge devices for print, much due to its ease of use and simple 3-step installation.

STEP 1. Add the device

Simply click “Add edge device” from your SAFEQ interface to get started.

STEP 2. connect the device

Enter the serial number and device ID to find and connect to the right edge device.

STEP 3. Grant access

Grand access privileges to OMNI Bridge, including offline access and access to profiles.

Zero trust security all the way to the edge

OMNI Bridge comes with comprehensive security for your print environment. All company data is kept locally on your edge location. More than that, the entire services are run locally while allowing you to store documents securely on your network and connect with authentication services like Active Directory or LDAP.


Y Soft is a one-stop shop for
all things print

At Y Soft, we've become a one-stop shop for print and capture. Along with our SAFEQ platform that delivers on-prem and cloud print and capture capabilities, we also manufacture complementary hardware solutions in-house. These solutions include card readers, mobile readers, and the OMNI Bridge cloud-connector.


A deep dive into YSoft OMNI Bridge


The edge device is a gateway between on-prem and cloud technologies, to get your printers cloud-ready instantly.

Embedded apps

Allow remote deployment of embedded apps for non-cloud terminals as well as local processing of print jobs.


Encourage the connection to on-premises authentication services such Active Directory or LDAP.

Network resilience

The edge device allows you to bridge disparate customer networks with reliable failover and high resilience.

hybrid deployment

OMNI Bridge lets you merge your legacy print technology with a cloud infrastructure–and enjoy a fully hybrid setup.

6-year warranty

Along with your edge device, you get a full 6-year warranty package on your device.