Sturdy Printing that’s Built to Scale and Protect

Future-proof your print environment, speed up innovation, and protect what’s yours with a SAFEQ enterprise print solution.

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Print security

Protect Company Data with Multi-Layered Security

Managing security across global offices is no easy feat–and makes supercharging foundational security a must. SAFEQ makes your print environment more secure to withstand vulnerabilities and uncertain times, thanks to end-to-end data encryption, protection of print jobs across their entire lifecycle, a broad range of authentication, and much more.

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Print resilience

Reach Peak Infrastructure Resilience

Any large enterprise needs robust systems that work unabated through highs and lows. SAFEQ provides high availability and adaptability to withstand changing conditions. The software recovers fast, preventing costly downtime, with seamless failover techniques and essential services through any outage.


Enterprise cloud printing

Embrace Agile Growth and Flexibility

Time to elevate your infrastructure with an enterprise cloud printing solution? Leverage a print and scan solution that grows with you as your business evolves or needs change. SAFEQ comes with flexible deployment options, is scalable, and fits into complex architectures with ease—yes, even the cloud option. And no worries about managing it either. We’ll do that for you.

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SAFEQ platform modular

One combined solution

Get everything in one go

Simplify your document-handling workflows in one combined solution. Get rid of complex infrastructures and liberate IT to focus on meaningful work. While the various SAFEQ print solutions give you a broad feature set, business control, and user flexibility, there’s more to benefit from in the Cloud. Enjoy a converged infrastructure, elastic subscription, and no print management.

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We Handle the Needs of the Global Fortune 500

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What our customers say

We support 42% of the Global Fortune 500 companies and thousands of other large enterprises.

With support in every corner of the world and global operational excellence in understanding the needs of large businesses, enterprises turn to us for innovative enterprise print management software and workflow solutions.


Mary CooganFacilities Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim Australia

Boehringer Ingelheim Customer Logo

“With the Y Soft solution, we’re not having to do much recycling and we’ve reduced the print amount by as much as 90 percent. We’re ordering less paper. And, because the printers send an alert when toner is low, a new toner is automatically delivered, so we don’t run out.”

Svetoslav MarinovCEO, ITR Services Ltd, GEOTECHMIN

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"Without a doubt, our biggest demand was to have a stable printing infrastructure and competent local support established, demands which were fully met after the implementation of the project. The printing and scanning solution installed by Konica Minolta and Y Soft is of key importance for our long-term goals to provide clear and transparent business processes within the Group."

Rita HelvadjianSenior Administration Assistant, Nielsen Holding

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 “We can give business users and managers a report that shows who is the highest printer user. We can use that information to identify whether people are printing unnecessarily and if there are ways to reduce the amount and cost of the printing they do. In the past, we had to manually manage people’s access to printers, which was time consuming and not always efficient or accurate."

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adapt to changing needs

SAFEQ is a growth platform with an architecture that can be designed for the services and requirements specific to each location, easily scaling vertically and horizontally.

Cloud Security

Make the right choice

Enjoy a choice of service and support plan with guaranteed response times to meet your needs. Choose the deployment model that works best for you and makes print accessible from anywhere with cloud.

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Enjoy sensible pricing

SAFEQ is available through licensing and subscription pricing. Our On-Prem solution is on a per-device basis, so you only pay per printer. With SAFEQ Cloud, you only pay for the licenses you need.


Get full system visibility

Whether centralized or decentralized, SAFEQ provides insight into all print, scan, copy, and fax activities. You are in full control of print activities and infrastructure, with complete visibility of real-time data.