Get creative with Customizations

The SAFEQ extendable system empowers you to create your dream print experience. Build a customized, scalable print and capture ecosystem with ease.

SAFEQ - Growth Platform

Customized software that keeps up with your growth

With software integrations and extensions for fax, document capture, payments, converters, and more, we customize software to give our customers their best-fit IT environments. 


SAFEQ is an extensible software system

Leverage our extensive library of connectors and integrations to bring new functionality to your existing print infrastructure. SAFEQ gives you software that evolves with your needs. Simply deploy and enjoy.


Grow your business without outgrowing your software

SAFEQ is built to give you access to products tailored to your business growth. Design a custom-fitted print solution that meets your technical goals, with a tiered building block architecture, easy integrations, and multiple hosting options.


Building-block architecture

Design your ideal environment from the ground up with custom software development services. As your needs evolve, SAFEQ is right there to scale with you.

Integrations & extensions

Get more out of your print solution with extensible software integrations and add-ons that expand your print and capture capabilities in minutes.

On-prem or cloud-powered

The SAFEQ platform is one solution hosted anywhere, whether it’s public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, or a combination (hybrid deployment).

Dive into our software extensions & integrations

3rd party connections

YSoft SAFEQ 6 can be integrated with and securely deliver documents to 3rd party applications.

In addition to the extensions listed here, SAFEQ has a Connector Library for the automatic delivery of scanned documents.


YSoft SAFEQ in a Central Reproduction Department

Accounts for printing, done through job ticketing. Developed and supported by ATI.

DocuWaredocuware connector

Scanning integration

SAFEQ scanning output can flow directly into DocuWare file cabinets and include any meta data a user enters at a multifunction device.


Electronic patient record system

Print safely and securely from Epic, an electronic patient record system used in healthcare, to any networked multifunction device.

Copy-of-Chrome-Enterprise-Recommended-Badge_1Google Chrome Printing

Backend server and Chrome browser extension

This solution allows users to natively print from a Chrome browser through YSoft SAFEQ.

googleGoogle Directory Export

Import domain users to YSoft SAFEQ

Easily insert users into the YSoft SAFEQ database. This tool lets you export users, roles, and cost centers.

Google DriveGoogle Drive Upload

Upload scanned documents to Google Drive

Upload scanned documents to a user's Google Drive account; this requires service account access.


Streamlined delivery of scanned documents

Easily implement this simple scan workflow between SAFEQ and iManage.

Azure Active DirectoryMicrosoft Azure AD

Synchronize users with Microsoft Azure AD

This proxy application allows SAFEQ to synchronize users with Azure AD through web requests or a library system (SIP2 protocol).

LeapLEAP Practice Management

Delivery of scans and cost recovery reporting

A streamlined flow between YSoft SAFEQ and LEAP.

M-FilesM-Files Content Management

Delivery of scan files and metadata

The script can be used to deliver scanned files to M-Files and other enterprise content management systems. 

SAP Silver Partner BadgeSAP (Silver Partner)

Enables prints from SAP to be accounted for in YSoft SAFEQ

Identify print job owners, device status sync, batch print, and get support for documents generated by Adobe® Document Services.

OnBaseScan to OnBase

Automatic delivery of information to OnBase

Scan to OnBase is an automated scan workflow for the electronic patient journal (a system called OnBase).

WeChatWeChat & AliPay

Link WeChat and Alipay accounts to SAFEQ accounts

Use WeChat and Alipay mobile apps to log in to SAFEQ, upload print jobs, and make payments for prints and copies.

XeroxXEROX Print Awareness Tool

Integration with Xerox Print Awareness

Provides print accounting via a connector, allowing users to leverage the full feature set of SAFEQ and report accurate statistics for enterprise sustainability management. 


Bath File for Printer Installation

A Windows batch file that deploys the YSoft SAFEQ Client, installs print drivers, and changes their configuration to the client workstation

An alternative for MSI packages supporting printer deployment to workstations. Since it's a text file, it is highly customizable.

BCIMPORT Billing Code Importer

Import billing codes from a text input file into your SAFEQ platform

BCimport is a command line tool for importing billing codes saving manual data entry.

PDF Converter

Automatic conversion of submitted print jobs to a stored PDF

Use a Rules-Based Engine-triggered rule to convert submitted print jobs to PDF format and store it in a pre-defined user or shared networked folder.

Credit Charger

Automatically batch-apply virtual funds to SAFEQ accounts

Uses an XLSX file to add money to a user's virtual or money accounts.

Guest Account Self-registration

The GUI allows guests to create SAFEQ accounts by themselves

This extension allows guests to create SAFEQ accounts by themselves – allowing for printing, copying, and scanning without the need for IT help.

Network Printer Migration

Simplifies migrating networked printers into the SAFEQ platform

Detects all locally installed networked printers and automatically creates them in your environment. Optionally, install the SAFEQ Client and reconfigure all Windows printers to send print jobs to your SAFEQ platform.

Print to Email

Resend print jobs from SAFEQ to users as an email attachment

A third-party system is configured to generate print jobs, which are then delivered to YSoft SAFEQ. This allows users to review the print jobs before they are printed and decide whether to print them or not.

S/MIME Encryption for Emails

Send emails with scanned documents signed by a user's public key from Microsoft AD

Users create scans by using SAFEQ automated scan workflow on an MFD that has the SAFEQ embedded terminal installed. The workflow is configured to encrypt the email message using the public keys of the specified recipients from the directory service using LDAP query. Depending on the workflow configuration, the digital scan can be sent to the user or other members of the organization.

Scan Metadata Creator

Enhance the level of scan metadata creation with XML-type metadata files

The extension consists of an executable file and an XML template which can be adjusted to the required format of supporting variables. These can be placed into the template file and the solution replaces the variables with their values.

Scan to SFTP

Add SFTP/FTP as a scan workflow destination

This extension has been created using Scan to Script to add SFTP/FTP as a viable scan workflow destination.

Scan Workflow Processor (SCANWF)

Extend the Scan-to-Script functionality

The SAFEQ Scan Workflow Processor (scanWF) is a stand-alone tool that can be used to extend the Scan-to-Script functionality of YSoft SAFEQ with various configurable workflow steps.

It can be run either as a command-line tool or as a Windows service that waits for a workflow definition file to appear and then executes it.

Self-Assigned Cards

Method to self-assign and reuse staff ID badges

Customers keep a pool of cards for users to self-assign when releasing a print job. These cards are unassigned at a pre-defined time (typically, during the night) by a dedicated cleaning script. Cards can be self-assigned again the next day. 

YSoft SAFEQ IP Changer Tool

Speeds up the IP address change procedure

With this tool, the IP address change procedure for SAFEQ on-prem or its external database server is made faster. Can run from a Windows Server command without deploying additional runtime environments.


PayPal and DIBS payment gateways are standard with YSoft SAFEQ. Any additional payment gateways provided as either an extension or integration are listed here.

ARL CanadaARL Payment Provider

Mainly used in libraries, this two-way integration allows users to pay for their YSoft SAFEQ activity. User balances are read from ARL and YSoft SAFEQ charges users for printing, copying, or scanning. 


The CreditGuard payment gateway operates within the Israeli market and provides a web-based credit card payment processing interface to merchants.


Made by Creditcall and operating in 37 countries, eKashu is a classic e-commerce solution: a hosted payment page that accepts payments by credit card, debit card, or PayPal.


GlobalPayments (previously Realex) operates mainly, but not only, within the Ireland and UK markets. Provides a web-based credit card payment processing interface for many payment providers.

IngenicoIngenico Ecommerce

Formerly known as Ogone, this gateway supports various payment methods supports over 150 payment methods globally, such as iDeal, direct banking, PayPal, and WorldPay. 

IPS GroupIPS Group

IPS facilitates the use of pay-to-print functionality in YSoft SAFEQ. The payment gateway reads and stores account balances and charges users for their print activity. Developed by BBM spol. s.r.o.


Iskam stores information about user balances and interacts with them. Developed by ApS Brno s.r.o., it enables YSoft SAFEQ to read the balances from ISKAM and charges users for their print activity. 


IZLY allows charging for print, copy, and scan activity. This is a popular French system that allows YSoft SAFEQ to read user balances and charges for print activity.


The MultiSafePay system allows users to recharge their YSoft SAFEQ accounts.

netpayNetPay International

Two-way integration for user accounts to read balances and charges users for YSoft SAFEQ activity (printing, copying, or scanning).


OneStopSecure by Nelnet (formerly UniLink Data Systems) is used mainly in Australia. All credit card payments are accepted through PCI-secured, payment-compliant technology. The system standardizes how businesses ensure payment information updates to finance and other systems.


With Paytrail, users can easily add funds to their YSoft SAFEQ accounts. The system acts as a plug-in for this payment gateway popular in Scandinavian countries.


PeleCard is a credit card processor operating within the Israeli market. This plugin uses the Pelecon e-commerce-hosted page solution to enable users in Israel to pay using a credit card.


Credit card payment processing that lets users add additional funds to their YSoft SAFEQ account. PRZELEWY24 provides a web-based credit card payment processing interface for many payment providers, commonly used in Poland.


SnapScan is a popular payment solution in South Africa, allowing users to pay via a smartphone app by scanning a QR code. This plugin displays the QR code and verifies the payment status using API calls to the SnapScan servers.

WireCardWireCard AG

An integration between the YSoft Payment System and the Wirecard Checkout Page. The integration allows the charging of user accounts in YSoft SAFEQ through this gateway. 

OH4ec1mj_400x400WPM Education

The WPM Education payment gateway operates within the UK market and provides a web-based credit card payment processing interface to UK-based universities.


Delve into our optional

Print Job Customizations

Display Owner in Job List

The print job owner is sometimes not clear when jobs are submitted to a shared queue. This extension adds the job owner to the job title. Job titles can be modified for certain job types via the Rule-Based Engine.

Guest Printing

This customization generates and delivers credentials (any PIN, code, password or CAC) to guests without IT interference.

Job Archiving

All jobs (print, copy, scan, and fax) can be archived. Once archived they can be searched and triggers can be defined to notify auditors of potential data leaks.

Job Routing

Faster delivery of print jobs to MFDs, estimation pop-up & local monitoring. The proxy accepts print jobs from various sources, processes them, and sends them to YSoft SAFEQ.

Multi-Level Reporting

Generate web reports in a hierarchical tree structure based on data from Active Director/LDAP. Web reports are shown as pivot tables and can be exported as a .CSV file.

My Savings Data

Users can review their personal print, copy, and scan activity and their environmental savings. The widgets are available after authentication to the YSoft SAFEQ web interface.

Offline Accounting

This extension provides a gateway to enable offline accounting. The connection also ensures that users cannot print when the payment account shows insufficient funds or when the user has reached a quota limit.

Print Delegation

This is a web interface for managing members of a delegated print queue. It automatically creates shared print queues and offers simple language translation.