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SAFEQ enables educational facilities to control student’s and faculty’s print activities, manage roaming users, and centralize their print infrastructure – at a minimal cost.


How we empower educational facilities

Y Soft helps you bring modern printing to the student body and faculty members.
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Future-proof print

Empower learning with a user-friendly, secure, and modern 2D & 3D print infrastructure for schools. Give students and faculty easy access with BYOD and mobile capacities.

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Double down on security

Secure printing solutions are vital to protect the data educators file daily. SAFEQ helps prevent data breaches, close hack portals, and keep your print GDPR compliant.

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Keep data protected

Keep data from report cards, tuition records, and other student/faculty files confidential with SAFEQ’s integrated security, data encryption, and authentication.

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Liberate the IT team

Streamline print operations and free up time in IT. With digitized and automated paper-based processes, SAFEQ liberates your techies from troubleshooting students’ and staff’s print issues.

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Make print cost-efficient

Print from any device to any printer (2D or 3D), using pay-to-print. With insight into all print activities on all campuses, administrators can introduce cost-saving print rules and reduce waste.

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Increase productivity

Streamline and automate your print ecosystem and make printing an easy feat for the student body and faculty members, ensuring minimal requirement for IT supervision or interference.

Customer Case Study

Risk Transfer or Avoidance? Deploying Invisible Tech to Greenfield Site

Brusafe is the Brussels security campus, with devoted training for the police, the fire brigade, emergency medical assistance, and public administration. Have a listen to what Gregory Hermans, IT Manager at Brusafe/BRIC has to say about deploying invisible tech to a greenfield site.

Listen to the full story
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All the tools you need
to manage print in the cloud

ysoft icon_circle_positive_User at PrinterSimple maintenance and use

  • Workload automation

  • Easy to configure, update, and manage deployments

  • Software automatically updated

  • Improved productivity for IT teams with cloud-powered print and scan

  • Automatic delivery of digital files to local folders or cloud repositories

  • SAFEQ supports all major operating systems and printer brands

  • Unlimited users and devices

ysoft icon_circle_positive_Cloud PrinterCloud printing

  • Centralized print infrastructure

  • One full-featured single driver

  • Serverless printing

  • Secure print release with cloud authentication

  • Easily onboard techies to print from any device to a single print queue

  • SAFEQ Cloud supports all major operating systems and printer brands

  • Print across multiple networks in different locations with ease

ysoft icon_circle_positive_WirelessMobile & Guest Printing

  • Support desktop, BYOD, mobile, and remote printing
  • Easy print from any device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, and Chromebook)
  • Seamlessly connect mobile users to the same platform that manages normal office printing
  • Allow for guest printing access

ysoft icon_circle_positive_3D Print3D fleet integration

  • Centralized 2D and 3D print management
  • Manage secure access to the 3D printer fleet for students and faculty and ensure models are collected by the right owner
  • Promote active learning for students interested in 3D
  • Fact-based reporting on 2D and 3D printer usage

Security Zero TrustSecure document release

  • Access control for broad-gauged data protection
  • Print roaming allows for jobs only being printed after successful authentication
  • User authentication with cards, pins, user login, etc.
  • Integration with cloud print authentication providers like Okta, Auth0, Google and more.

Got a mixed fleet of printers? We don’t play favorites.

SAFEQ works effortlessly for all your favorite print manufacturers. We’ve made it possible for users to print to any device—while cutting the costs and time associated with secure print deployment and management.

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More Customer Case Studies

Need more proof? Don't just take our word for it. Here are a few more stories from our customers in the education industry.


James BerryCorporate Services Director, Methodist Ladies’ College

Methodist Ladies College Customer Logo

YSoft SAFEQ has significantly enhanced the print outcomes for staff and students and lets us monitor usage by department and understand requirements for functionality such as scanning, black and white and color printing.  This gives us the knowledge to ensure we have the right devices in the right places but also lets us make adjustments based on the correct information."

Read the full case study

Harald LazarTeacher in Mathematics and Descriptive Geometry, Komensky


 “It was easy to learn and use. Getting started with the software was not a problem at all.

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Gregory HermansIT Manager at Brusafe/BRIC

Brusafe Customer Logo 2

With SAFEQ Cloud, we don't manage the printing service or any technical configuration, we don’t have to spend time supporting print servers, troubleshooting, and keeping on top of security patches, it’s all handled on our behalf."

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