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With SAFEQ, concentrate on your patients’ prognosis, not your printers’. Provide excellent care while keeping patient and employee data secure in a low-cost print environment.


How we empower healthcare providers

We're here to help you build an ideal print infrastructure that chronically secures all your patient and staff data handling.
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Protect patient and staff data

Keep data confidential with end-to-end print data encryption, pull printing, and the option to leverage multi-factor authentication to release print jobs from any device to any printer.

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Let go of printer healthcare

Streamline day-to-day print operations and free up time in IT. With automated paper-based processes, SAFEQ always works when your staff needs patient files and medical records.

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Improve cross entity management

Unify all of your various healthcare facilities and gain global control of your entire print infrastructure. SAFEQ Cloud supports working across disparate networks and VLANs.

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Modernize your health institution

Take advantage of a modern, true cloud software solution for all your printing needs. SAFEQ Cloud gets you up and running fast – with minimal to no downtime.

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Make print cost-efficient

Get rid of those expensive print servers. With SAFEQ Cloud, there are no upfront investments. Our SaaS model gives you the flexibility to scale up or down. Just pay for the licenses you need.

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Make it easy for staff to print

Staff (and guests) can easily print from any device, to any location, in a matter of seconds. Users can also send their print to a single queue and release jobs from the printer of their choice.

Customer Case Study

Building a Better Business Case for Cloud Printing in health facilities

Ambiq provides care and support/guidance for children and young adults with mild intellectual disabilities and additional problems. Tom Luinstra, ICT Manager at Ambiq, explains how he built a business case for cloud printing beyond the hardware savings on printers and print servers and retired the corporate network itself.

Listen to the full story
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All the tools you need to achieve easy printing for your medical staff

ysoft icon_circle_positive_User at PrinterSimple maintenance and use

  • Workflow automation

  • Easy to configure, update, and manage deployments

  • Software automatically updated

  • Improved productivity for hospital and facility staff with document capture

  • Automatic delivery of digital files to student folders or in cloud repositories

  • SAFEQ supports all major operating systems and printer brands

  • Unlimited users and devices

ysoft icon_circle_positive_Cloud PrinterCloud printing

  • Centralized print infrastructure

  • One full-featured single driver

  • Serverless printing

  • Secure print release with cloud authentication

  • Easily onboard staff to print from any device to a single print queue

  • SAFEQ Cloud supports all major operating systems and printer brands

  • Print across multiple networks in different locations with ease

ysoft icon_circle_positive_WirelessMobile & Guest Printing

  • Support desktop, BYOD, mobile, and remote printing
  • Easy print from any device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, and chromebooks)
  • Seamlessly connect mobile users to the same platform that manages normal facility printing
  • Allow for guest printing access for visiting staff and physicians from other facilities

ysoft icon_circle_positive_3D Print3D fleet integration

  • Centralized 2D and 3D print management

  • Manage secure access to the 3D printer fleet for nurses and doctors

  • Fact-based reporting on 2D and 3D printer usage

  • Easily manage who has access to 3D printers and ensure models are collected by the right owner

  • Design new surgical guides, prosthetics, and patient-specific replicas of bones or organs with ease


Security Zero TrustSecure document release

  • Access control for broad-gauged data protection
  • Print roaming allows for jobs only being printed after successful authentication
  • User authentication with cards, pins, user login, etc.
  • Integration with cloud print authentication providers like Okta, Auth0, Google and more.
  • HIPAA compliance and other regulatory requirements aided through managed, authenticated user access.

Got a mixed fleet of printers? We don’t play favorites.

SAFEQ works effortlessly for all your favorite print manufacturers. We’ve made it possible for users to print to any device—while cutting the costs and time associated with secure print deployment and management.

More Customer Case Studies

Need more proof? Don't just take our word for it. Here are a few more stories from our customers in the healthcare industry.


Tom LuinstraICT Manager, Ambiq Healthcare

Ambiq Customer Logo 1

“We no longer need to utilise VPNs for print, that's the biggest advantage for us and one that’s delivered an annual saving of 50,000 Euros.

Read the full case study

Mark ArmstrongGroup ICT Manager, Omex

Omex Customer Logo

"SAFEQ Cloud is delivering significant cost savings. But more importantly, we now understand exactly where we are making those savings. The data is the most powerful part of the solution and gives us the ability to pull off reports and analyse how print is being consumed. This will help us continue to control the cost of print and shape our future decision-making – that’s something we have never had before."

Read the full case study

Roger BaechlerHead of IT, LEGIC Identsystems

Legic Customer Logo

“The solution was easy to set up and use, requiring very little support from our IT team. We’ve been impressed with how it has all been handled, and the support we have received has been excellent.”

Read the full case study

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