Keep your print on prem with safeq 6

Equip IT teams with a centralized tool to oversee print, scan, and fax for an entire organization, with advanced features and customizations close at hand. 

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Easy & secure printing at your fingertips

Take control and see it all

With features like our rule-based engine, reporting and auditing, billing and quotas, and more, YSoft SAFEQ 6® gives you global control of your entire print fleet from one pane of glass.

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Full fleet visibility

Get full visibility into your print fleet with a web-based UI & everything in one spot, from one pane of glass.

Reporting with ease

Leverage reports (from templates or build your own), with full data access, to optimize print behavior.

Reduce your (foot)print

Our solutions promote eco-conscious printing with ready-to-use green reports and print rules.

Make user flexibility
a standout

By leveraging our mobile print capacities, print roaming, and vendor-agnostic platform, users (and guests) can easily print from any device to any printer in your fleet.

Explore embedded terminals

BYOD & mobile printing

Allow the flexibility to choose devices and still enjoy seamless, secure printing– from Chromebooks, Android, iOS, & Windows devices.

Automated availability

Make the right print queues, drives and devices available to roaming users & guests automatically.

Printout flexibility

Print first and choose the destination after. Release your print job at any printer, using a straightforward ‘tap & release’ workflow.

Make print & capture
a walk in the park

SAFEQ 6 offerings include automated, easy printing and document & scan capture for any business needs. This helps your IT team automate paper-based tasks and increase productivity.

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A growth platform

Build your own print environment with the SAFEQ 6 Platform, rich with features, integrations, and optional companion hardware.

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Stress-free scanning

Pick a scan workflow and let the software do the rest – One-click scanning to email or any cloud repository. Simply scan and forget.

Cloud Security

Compatible with cloud

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with the cloud. You can upgrade to SAFEQ Cloud or SAFEQ Managed anytime.

Build your own environment

With integrations and extensions, SAFEQ 6 is feature-rich and designed for building custom offers. The SAFEQ platform is available with on-prem, private cloud, and native cloud infrastructures.

Explore Customizations

Pick your favorite features

SAFEQ 6 comes with a rich set of features, even in the core product. On top of that, pick any additional features you need.

Customize with integrations

Get customized value for your business, with 3rd party integrations, add-on tools, payment gateways, and more.

Get hardware accessories

Y Soft is your one-stop shop for anything that extends the value of print, even hardware such as card readers, manufactured in-house.

document security

Implement security features like user authentication to prevent documents from getting in the wrong hands or paying for unclaimed printouts.

Explore Print Security
ysoft icon_circle_positive_Print Authentication

Print roaming

Never have print jobs get released without users authenticating themselves first, with secure pull printing embedded in the software.


Process compliance

All SAFEQ products comply with strict security standards and data protection regulations, including GDPR, ISO 27001, and more.

Security Zero Trust

Threat prevention

Frequent product updates ensure we protect users and data from stem to stern, always.

Control costs &
scale effortlessly

Advanced print management helps get you granular business control and visibility into your print costs, allowing you to reduce print and capture spending.

Explore the platform

Simple pricing

Choose the pricing model that works for you, even monthly or quarterly billing (pay as you go).

Cost control

The rule-based engine helps keep down print spend – backed by print behavior and spending reports.

No hardware or upkeep

We host, develop, and maintain the software for you, which means no extra expenses will surface.

SAFEQ - Cloud Transition Program

Forge Your Path to Success in the Cloud—on Your Terms

Our SAFEQ Cloud Transition Licensing Program gives you all the flexibility you need to migrate your print to the cloud at your pace and on your terms. If you’re considering making the move to the cloud but need more time, this program is tailored to you.

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Tap into the modular world

SAFEQ 6 is divided into three suites, each offering their own set of modules and features to help tackle your print and capture needs.

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YSoft SAFEQ Print Management Suite 

This suite is designed to provide businesses like yours with a digital, centralized print management solution. It gives your team all the modules needed to manage any print-related core workflows with easy–while reducing costs, increasing security, and improving productivity.

  • Mobile printing
  • Print roaming
  • Credit and billing
  • Reporting
  • Rule-based engine
  • Authentication
ysoft icon_circle_positive_Core Basic Workflow

YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite

The YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite focuses on security, data control and visibility, as well as automated scan and capture capabilities. This suite takes the complexity out of scanning while keeping your entire document workflow safe and your team focused.

  • Document capture
  • Reporting
  • Rule-based engine
  • Authentication
SAFEQ On-Prem icon

YSoft SAFEQ Enterprise Suite

Get full access to everything SAFEQ has to offer with our Enterprise Suite. This integrated software suite combines centralized enterprise print management with advanced document workflows in a single solution, to maximize productivity, reduce costs, and increase document security.

  • Mobile printing
  • Print roaming
  • Document capture
  • Credit and billing
  • Reporting
  • Rule-based engine
  • Authentication

Got a mixed fleet of printers? We don’t play favorites!

We have designed our platform to seamlessly integrate with any brand and environment. We have partnered with several manufacturers to deliver vendor-agnostic solutions that always work.